It has been my pleasure to serve as Regis University Provost since 2012. As chief academic officer, it is my primary responsibility to lead Regis in a shared vision of academic innovation, excellence and distinction in the liberal arts and professional education. We accomplish this through five colleges serving distinct populations: College of Business and Economics, College of Computer and Information Sciences, College of Contemporary Liberal Studies, Regis College, and the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions. Together these colleges serve almost 12,000 students of all ages and learning formats. Through online learning, our student body spans the globe, from soldiers overseas to business executives in Asia. Annually, we are proud to award almost 3,000 undergraduate, masters and professional doctorate degrees.

Standing within the 480-year-old tradition of Jesuit Catholic education, our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a transformative, value-centered education for students who desire to make a positive impact on society through distinguished professional careers. As is often said of Jesuit education: “We want students with brains and heart; enough brains to make a difference and enough heart to want to do so.”

The responsibilities of the Office of the Provost are broad in scope. Reporting to the Provost are all deans as well as staff responsible for strategic planning, accreditation, research, resource planning, teaching excellence, international initiatives, academic grants and administrative services.

Our office is here to serve the University community. Do not hesitate to contact us at 303-458-1843.

All my best to you,

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Patricia A. Ladewig, Ph.D.