MNM Move

July 14, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Our president, Father Fitzgibbons, has set a vision for a distinctive College of Business (COB) that reflects our Jesuit Catholic heritage. In moving to operationalize that vision, Father David McCallum of LeMoyne College recently led a workshop at Regis on business schools in Jesuit universities. This workshop was attended by most business faculty, senior administrators, members of the university community, and several trustees. The stimulating discussions that occurred during the workshop made it clear that our strategic goal is to establish a College that is about more than preparing graduates who can help their organizations make a profit; it is about preparing graduates who can make a difference, who can help make a good world better.

With that as our goal, it is evident that the Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM) Program, which is currently housed in the CPS School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), needs to be part of the new College. Envision, if you will, a continuum from nonprofits to BCorps to for-profit organizations.

I am delighted to report that Dean Elisa Robyn, SHSS, and the MNM faculty (Meme Kinoti and Eugene Wilkerson) embrace the importance of this message and are supportive of moving the MNM program to the new College of Business. Janet Houser and I met with them recently to discuss the move and the transition period and agreed to the following:

  • The MNM program will have equal stature in the new College with programs such as the degree in accounting and the MBA program. It is likely that it will be a distinct academic department.
  • An MNM representative will be part of the COB implementation team and MNM will have a representative on the search committee for the founding dean.
  • The MNM program will remain in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) during the coming year and will then transition directly to the new College. The MNM faculty will join in all combined Regis College and CPS business faculty meetings during the coming year as we move forward. They will also participate in all planning activities for the new College.
  • SHSS has ambitious plans for growing enrollments and strengthening curricular offerings. The dean and faculty will use this coming year to do all they can to enhance the MNM program in preparation for the move.
  • SHSS plays a crucial role in serving post-traditional students just as Regis College plays a crucial role in serving traditional students. Those roles will not diminish.
  • We will work together to develop a message about this change that helps potential students appreciate the value of the MNM degree and its appropriateness in a College of Business.

I am grateful to all of you for your thoughts and suggestions about what this College can be. I am especially grateful to Dean Robyn and the MNM faculty for their willingness to envision a new future for a program that clearly is mission-centric and important to our university.

All my best to you,
Patricia A. Ladewig, Ph.D.