We're Off

Following a year of visioning involving students, faculty, staff, Board of Trustees and University alumni, the Regis Rising Strategic Plan was enthusiastically endorsed by the Regis University Board of Trustees in April 2014. The plan continues to shape the future of Regis University and we have many successes to report. The strategic goals of the plan and the planning teams that helped make them possible are listed below. Please see the Provost’s Perspective for an update on the completion of Phase I.

Strategic Goals

College of Computer & Information Sciences (CC&IS)

The establishment of a College of Computer & Information Sciences (CC&IS), which involves combining academic units from all three existing colleges: School of Computer and Information Science from CPS, the computer science major from Regis College, and the health information management and health informatics programs from RHCHP, has the potential to become a major new enrollment driver for Regis. This includes the following:

  • Active marketing to promote the facts that the current CPS programs are nationally ranked and three of its undergraduate programs are ABET accredited.
  • Increase in the visibility of CC&IS in the marketplace to attract students, employers, business partners, and alumni.
  • Provision of opportunities for Regis College students to enroll in a more robust range of undergraduate offerings taught by a wide variety of faculty.
  • University investment to support growth in areas such as cybersecurity, health informatics, and data science, which will be strong economic drivers in the market for the foreseeable future.

College of Business

Establishment of a distinctive College of Business will strengthen our reputation and enable the University to thrive. This effort will take longer because of the size and complexity of the two organizations: the School of Management in CPS and the Division of Business in Regis College. To address this goal we will:

  • Revitalize the business programs, which are the largest source of enrollments and revenue in their respective colleges.
  • Identify actions needed to achieve external accreditation for the College.
  • Develop a distinctive market niche by emphasizing our Jesuit mission and ethical values and focus on academic areas with the strongest promise for the future.

Culture of Innovation

This strategic goal is designed to recapture our sense of entrepreneurship and foster creative ways of generating revenue by establishing a Center for Innovation. To address this goal we will:

  • Emphasize the development of new partnerships and investment opportunities with businesses, alumni etc. for shared projects.
  • Explore alternative financing models to support University activities.
  • Encourage the University community to create revenue-generating degrees, certificates, programs, projects, etc.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

The goal of this effort is to further our distinctive niche by expanding access to internships, service learning opportunities, immersion experiences, community-based course projects, and other experiential opportunities for all students regardless of college. To address this goal we will:

  • Provide a sharp focus on career preparation, enabling students to build a portfolio of experiences that increase their marketability.
  • Develop a strong alumni mentoring network to engage our alumni with Regis in new ways and provide students with a broader variety of experiences.

Global Learning Community

This initiative has two foci: active recruitment of international students for both on-campus and online programs and the expansion of the University's global curriculum for students in all programs. To address this goal we will:

  • Develop a strong infrastructure/support network for international students who attend Regis.
  • Establish an active, intentional recruitment strategy for traditional students and for students interested in key academic units like CC&IS and Business.
  • Develop effective partnerships with universities around the world where our students can participate in study abroad.
  • Extend opportunities for international experiences to nontraditional students.

Strengthen Our Jesuit, Catholic Character

This initiative is specifically designed to enhance our reputation and build on the distinctive nature of the education we provide. To address this goal we will:

  • Emphasize our Jesuit mission and values in the development of all aspects of the two new colleges.
  • Unify faculty development programs across all colleges with a special emphasis on faculty understanding of our Jesuit mission and educational focus.
  • Expand the Institute on the Common Good as a resource for faculty especially in the area of curriculum development and research into mission themes.
  • Encourage faculty contributions to this area through their advancement and reward structures.

Cultivate Health Project

This project focuses on addressing the health needs of the community from four census tracts around Regis. It is multi-dimensional, emphasizing healthy living, healthy eating, and physical/mental health. It has the potential to dramatically enhance our reputation and visibility in the region. To address this goal we will:

  • Obtain external funding for start up costs and to support the clinic portion of the project until it becomes self-sustaining.
  • Continue to work with the city of Denver and other nonprofits to address all aspects of the project.

Strategic Plan Implementation Teams

Strengthen Our Jesuit, Catholic Character

  • Tom Reynolds, Chair
  • Paul Alexander
  • Tom Bowie
  • Susan Jacobson
  • Kari Kloos
  • Ken Sagendorf

Establish a College of Computer and Information Sciences (CC&IS)

  • Janet Houser, Ph.D., Chair
  • Don Archer
  • Jay Campisi
  • Sheila Carlon
  • Steve Jacobs
  • Shari Plantz-Masters
  • Dennis Rodriguez
  • Jim Seibert

Foster Experiential Learning

  • Ken Sagendorf, Chair
  • Sarah Behunek
  • Richard DelliVeneri
  • Mike Fisher
  • Eric Fretz
  • Jamie Nash
  • Mindy Taylor

Develop International Learning Experiences

  • Salvador Aceves, Chair
  • Peter Bemski
  • Mary Cook
  • Laura DeSisto
  • Cathy Gorrell
  • Sarah Jarrett
  • Diane McSheehy
  • Soon Beng Yeap

Promote a Culture of Innovation

  • Tom Reynolds, Chair
  • Linda Campbell
  • Steve Jacobs
  • Linda Irwin
  • Catherine Kleier
  • Dorothy Williams

Implement Cultivate Health Project

  • Janet Houser, Chair
  • Rod Carter
  • Dirk Dunfee, S.J.
  • Sue Scherer
  • Damien Thompson
  • Ira Gorman
  • Stephanie Morris
  • Linda Osterlund
  • Susan Powers
  • Sherry Lawson

Establish a College of Business

  • Janet Houser, Ph.D., Chair
  • Members TBD

Assess Feasibility of Offering Research-Based Doctorates

  • Tristen Amador, Chair
  • Members TBD

Determine Structure of Remaining CPS Programs

  • Janet Houser, Ph.D. Chair
  • Members TBD