Regis University offers temporary measures for victims of sexual misconduct and other forms of discrimination, if such changes are available and reasonable under the circumstances.  Interim measures are implemented to assure the safety of the recipient and/or the community, to avoid future violations and to minimize the impact on the victim.  No formal complaint or investigation needs to occur before this option is available and an interim, temporary measure may be imposed based on an allegation only.  

Accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Housing accommodations such as change from on-campus housing to a different on-campus or off-campus location; assistance from University staff to complete relocation and arranging to dissolve a housing contract and pro-rating a refund; 
  2. Academic accommodations such as rescheduling an exam or other academic work; taking an incomplete in class; transferring class sections or clinical assignment; temporary withdrawal or alternative course completion; 
  3. Assistance in arranging for alternative student employment and changing work schedules ;
  4. Accessing health services;
  5. No contact orders, cease and desist orders or other appropriate orders;
  6. Transportation accommodations if available; and 
  7. Services to ensure that the student can move safely on campus. 
Interim measures are overseen and often administered by the EO & Title IX Coordinator or designee and are available regardless of whether confidentiality is requested or that the University not investigate. A request for interim measures will not automatically trigger an investigation.  Accommodations can be requested verbally or in writing to: 

Michelle Spradling

Equal Opportunity & Title IX Coordinator