If you have questions on the day of the fair please go to Claver Hall Room 105.

Arrival Day of Fair

Volunteers serving all day or in the first session must arrive between 5:30-5:45 AM to check in at volunteer check-in (Peter Claver Hall Recital Hall Foyer outside Mountain View Room), get breakfast in PCH 105, and get to your screening/station for training by 6:00 AM (see training information below for details).

Volunteers serving in the second session only, must arrive between 8:30-8:45 AM to check in at volunteer check-in (PCH 105), get breakfast, and get to your screening/station for training by 9:00 AM (see training information below for details).


All medical screening and non-medical station training will take place onsite at Claver Hall the morning of the fair.

After you check-in at volunteer check-in and get your breakfast you will proceed to your SECOND SESSION SCREENING/STATION for 6:00 AM training (note: training will begin promptly at 6 AM and will last 20 minutes). At 6:20 AM, you will proceed to your FIRST SESSION SCREENING/STATION for 6:30 AM training. All training and last minute set-up must be completed by the fair opening at 7:00 AM.

If you are only volunteering for the first session, you will arrive as noted above, but will proceed to your first/only station. If you are only volunteering for the second session, you will arrive at your station for training at 9:00 AM.

If you are at one of the following stations: PAP SMEAR, PHLEBOTOMY, AMBASSADOR, ONLINE PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION, or CENTRIFUGE, please be sure to visit the 9Health Fair Volunteer Training Video Page to watch an information video about your station. All volunteers receive the protocol for your station and onsite training.

Screening/Station Rotation Plan and Schedule

Many students are scheduled to volunteer in both a medical screening and non-medical station during the fair. The first session is from 6:00-9:20 AM. The second session is from 9:30 AM-1:00 PM.

Volunteers in multiple screenings/stations are transitioning to their second screening/station at 9:20 AM and will have 10 minutes to get to your new site, get settled, and ready to begin at 9:30 AM (10 minute transition). You may need to complete working with a participant at or just after 9:20, which is fine, but will need to then hurry to your next station. We will inform participants that this is happening when they arrive and we ask that you also inform participants of the “break” happening at 9:20 am as you near that time. Please do not start new screenings just before 9:20 to accommodate the transition and explain to participants that we will begin again at 9:30. This transition is why training all volunteers in each screening/station in advance is important (so we don’t leave participants waiting for more than 10 minutes).

Set-Up / Tear-Down

All non-medical stations and medical screenings will be set up on the Friday night before the fair. Faculty can decide to bring internal medical equipment to their screening area the night before the fair (between 4 and 6 PM) or on the morning of the fair. Wellness Zone/Interactive Education Centers (IECs) student volunteers will set up on Friday from 4-6 PM and vendors can either set up their booths Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Save the boxes for the supplies from Regis and 9Health Fair for tear down.

Tear-down does NOT occur until all participants have completed their screenings and your station/screening has been released for tear-down by the Site Coordinator (Cheryl Schwartz).

Service Learning staff will collect all Tally Sheets.

Replace all unused supplies and equipment, that is returned to Regis or 9Health Fair, back to the boxes provided. Leave boxes in your room for pick-up by nursing students and Service Learning staff.

Return rooms back to their original set-up (room set-up maps are located in each room)


Supplies from both Regis and 9Health Fair will already be in your room when you arrive at your station/screening. Each station/screening will have a SUPPLY INVENTORY. Make sure you have the supplies that are required for your area and let staff/coordinators know ASAP if you are missing anything. Keep boxes for tear-down.

Using the SUPPLY INVENTORY, please note the supplies that belong to, and need to be returned back to, Regis and 9Health Fair. Box up your supplies in the same boxes they came in.

Please make sure that all of the supplies that need to be returned at the end of the day are returned. This helps to ensure a successful fair next year!

Screener Tally Sheet / Screener Questionnaires / Participant Screening Result Form (yellow copy)

Screener Tally Sheet: All screenings require a 9Health Fair Tally Sheet, which can be found in the supply box for each screening. The Screening Protocol will include information for completing your Tally Sheet. Tally Sheets will be collected by Service Learning staff at the end of the fair. PLEASE COMPLETE TALLY SHEETS CORRECTLY (only mark an X in one of the sections for assessment or follow-up).

Screener Questionnaires: In addition to the Screener Protocols, some screenings also have a questionnaire that needs to be administered before the screening. These questionnaires are used for a variety of purposes (e.g. to determine participant eligibility for a screening, to prepare a patient for screening, or as an introduction to education around the screening).

Participant Screening Result Form (yellow copy): All participants will have a form that needs to be filled out with their results at each screening. Please be sure to fill this out so participants can share their results at the Ask a Medical Question/Get a Referral Station or with their healthcare provider.


Continental breakfast, snacks, and lunch will be provided to all volunteers. A variety of great restaurants have donated food for our volunteers and we will have a smorgasbord (including gluten-free options).

Food will be located in the Volunteer Break Room (PCH 105).

Continental Breakfast – Volunteers may take breakfast out of PCH 105, but ALL FOOD MUST BE CONSUMED, CLEANED UP, AND/OR THROWN AWAY BY 7:00 AM.

Snacks – Snacks will be available in the Volunteer Break Room throughout the day. SNACKS MUST REMAIN IN THE VOLUNTEER BREAK ROOM AT ALL TIMES.

Lunch – Will be served after clean-up. Each volunteer will receive a lunch ticket once their station is cleaned up.

Please bring a water bottle. There is a variety of rehydration stations located throughout Peter Claver Hall. It’s long day, STAY HYDRATED!

Interprofessional Groups

One of the best parts of the 9Health Fair at Regis is that all of the screenings are done in an interprofessional way. This means that there are a variety of lenses that patients are seen through and they get a more complete picture of their health. Please be sure to work interprofessionally at your station. Faculty leaders/preceptors should help to facilitate this process.

What to Wear

Professional/Clinical Dress Required – ALL VOLUNTEERS SHOULD WEAR NAME TAGS

Nursing Students/Faculty – Scrubs OR Blue Regis Polo and Khakis

Physical Therapy Students/Faculty – Blue Regis Polo and Khakis (or business casual if no polo shirt)

Pharmacy Students/Faculty - Business Casual with White Coat

Counseling/Family Therapy Students/Faculty – Business Casual

Health Fair Leaders/Coordinators – will be in 9Health Fair Volunteer T-Shirts (royal blue)

No jeans, shorts, casual wear

Other Information

From blizzards to beautiful days, we never know what the weather or the day in general will bring, so please remain open and flexible to a variety of things that may come up on the day of the fair. You will be notified by email the day of the fair if the fair is canceled due to poor weather or other emergency closures.

Prior to your arrival, note the location of volunteer check-in and your station/screening on the fair map that was sent to you in your training materials.

Please be advised that there is not a secure area to store valuables, so plan accordingly (do not store valuables in the building and/or your screening/station room).

You may not participate in screenings at our Regis 9Health Fair in order to fully serve our participants. 9Health Fair provides free screenings and blood draw discounts to volunteers for screenings at other fairs with pre-registration on the 9Health Fair site using the volunteer discount code: ThankYouVol17.

Smoking is not permitted at any 9Health Fair site.

2017 9Health Fair Stations, Screenings, Wellness Zone/IECs

Standard Station (Non-Medical)

  • Ambassadors – Greeters, Traffic, Directions, Waiting Room, Registration Educator, Screening Information Booth (Meet in PCH 105 for instructions prior to your shift)
  • Cashier Station (PCH Mountain View Room)
  • Form Check (PCH Mountain View Room)
  • Nourishment Station for Blood Draw (PCH 210)
  • Participant Check-Out (PCH Mountain View Room)
  • Participant Registration – Online Check-In (PCH Mountain View Room)
  • Participant Registration – Onsite Check-In (PCH Mountain View Room)
  • Photographer (throughout fair)
  • Spanish Translators and Sign Language Interpreters (PCH Mountain View Room)
  • Volunteer Break Room (PCH 105)
  • Volunteer Registration Check-In (PCH Recital Hall Foyer for first session – PCH 105 for only second session)
  • Wellness Zone/IEC (PCH Mountain View Room)

Standard Screenings (Medical)

  • Ask a Medical Question and Get a Referral (PCH 218, 219)
  • Blood Pressure (PCH 206)
  • Colon Cancer Education / Take-Home Kits (PCH 204-205 Skills Lab)
  • First Aid Station (PCH 210)
  • Height/Weight/BMI (PCH 211-212)

Standard Laboratory

  • Blood Draw/Phlebotomy – Blood Chemistry, PSA, Blood Count, Hemoglobin A1c, and Vitamin D (PCH 210)
  • Centrifuge (PCH 210)
  • Lab Supervisor (Quest Lab) (PCH 210)

Optional Screenings

  • Body in Balance (PCH 202)
  • Bone Health (PCH 203)
  • Cardiac Risk Assessment (PCH 211-212)
  • Foot Screening (PCH 203)
  • Lung Function (PCH 211-212)
  • Metabolic Syndrome (PCH 211-212)
  • Mobile Mammography Bus (Pink Lifesaver – Lot 4)
  • Nutrition Screening (Foyer area outside of PCH 206)
  • Prostate/Testicular Screening (PCH 225 Sim Lab)
  • Pulse Ox (PCH 211-212)
  • Skin Screening (PCH 204-205 Skills Lab)
  • Stress Management (PCH 216, 217)
  • Vision/Eye Health Screening (PCH 204-205 Skills Lab)
  • Women’s Health – Breast Exam (PCH 225 Sim Lab)
  • Women’s Health – Pap Smear (PCH 225 Sim Lab)

Fair Location

The Regis 9Health Fair is located in Peter Claver Hall

Please park in Lot 6 (on the corner of 50th and Federal) or Lot 7 (by baseball field below Lot 5) to ensure that fair participants have parking closer to the site. We will have a shuttle running from Lot 6 to Peter Claver Hall from 5-6 AM (you may need to wait for the next shuttle to arrive).

If you have supplies/material that needs to be dropped off in the morning (i.e. Equipment, Food, Education Materials, etc.) you may drop it off at Peter Claver Hall and then move your car to Lot 6 or Lot 7.

Maps and parking
Download map

Maps and parking
Maps and parking
Download map