This is your chance to explore and experience. To reflect on who you are and what brought you here. To choose how you will make the most of your experience and where you want to go from here. This is your adventure. This is your quest. Welcome to the Regis experience, where every moment, every memory you collect, matters.

We’re excited to welcome all students entering Regis College in Fall 2015 to our community with New Student Orientation, Thursday, Aug. 20-Sunday, Aug. 23. This transformative experience will prepare you for your journey ahead.

If you have questions about New Student Orientation, please contact the Office of Student Activities at, 303.458.3505 or 800.388.2366 x3505

In a three-day period that will leave you excited and well-equipped for the collegiate journey that awaits, you will be introduced to the many resources, programs, and individuals that will support you and your family through the transition to college. Whether you are a first-year or a transfer student, New Student Orientation is an exciting opportunity to meet new students (most of whom feel a bit nervous and excited just like you), begin building new friendships, connect with faculty, figure out where your classrooms are, and begin to make a place for yourself at Regis. Along the way you’re going to learn something about our mission, glean some tips about being a successful student, eat a bunch of free food, figure out what “intramural sports” actually are, and get to hang out with Father President Fitzgibbons, S.J.

Then, when orientation closes out and classes begin, Regis does a Week Of Welcome – ‘cause just like you we know that some folks would spend that first week playing Call of Duty when they ought to be getting out and meeting people. Every night there will be something to do – Battleship on the Beach, live music and dinner on the quad, Free Friday Night Movie, and there is usually something happening in Walker’s Pub. Guaranteed.

For family members that are able to attend, New Student Orientation also has a concurrent schedule tailored to your needs. We know that for many of you this is the first time you’ve been to campus and you want to know what to expect from Regis. With that in mind you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself to your student’s faculty advisor, eat in the dining hall, tour campus, meet with the Dean of Students and the Student Life team, ask questions of Campus Safety, learn about University Ministry and the Office of Diversity, and spend some time with Father President Fitzgibbons, S.J (just to name a few). If you have any questions about New Student Orientation please contact the Office of Student Activities at 303.458.3505.

New Student Orientation Learning Outcomes:

  • New students will develop a basic understanding of some of the issues they may face as developing adults in a college environment and the skills to handle these issues.
  • New Students will be familiarized with the University’s academic expectations.
  • New students will be familiarized with campus services and resources that are available to them.
  • New Students will be familiarized with the University mission.

Reception with Regis University President John P. Fitzgibbons, S.J.

Regis University President - Ftzgibbons in a hall of bannersA reception with the president at Sports Authority Field at Mile High! A chance to meet Regis University President Father Fitzgibbons and our Student Body President.

**To plan accordingly, the orientation staff needs to know the number of guests attending the Thursday evening reception at Sports Authority Field. This event is intended for the student and parents only. Please make alternative arrangements for other guests and register online by August 13th. If you have any questions or special needs, please contact us at 303.458.3505.**

Craig Zablocki

The speaker who brings laughter to life!Craig Zablocki

Craig works with organizations using humor, creativity, spontaneity and laughter to break down barriers that get in the way of positive communication and teamwork.

Craig's programs will not only leave you laughing and full of energy, you will be ready to begin your Regis experience! His programs are always participatory - you won't leave without becoming physically, mentally and emotionally involved.

Should you think and act like a four-year-old? Craig's answer is yes! Four year-olds laugh a lot, are creative, have passion, are spontaneous, take positive risks, live in the moment and don't let fear get in the way of their dreams. When we combine our knowledge and compassion with those wonderful traits the results are amazing.

Girl Rising

Girl Rising Documentary Film

From Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins, Girl Rising journeys around the globe to witness the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world. Viewers get to know nine unforgettable girls living in the developing world: ordinary girls who confront tremendous challenges and overcome nearly impossible odds to pursue their dreams. Prize-winning authors put the girls' remarkable stories into words, and renowned actors give them voice. 

Nonprofit Partners & Presentations

El Porvenir

El Porvenir (EP) is an international nonprofit organization that empowers rural Nicaraguan communities to improve their living standards and reduce burdens on women through the sustainable development of clean water, sanitation and cooking systems, reforestation and health education. El Porvenir has 19 years of experience helping rural Nicaraguan communities build appropriate technology (wells, latrines, community washing stations and fuel efficient stoves) as well as providing communities with the tools they need to manage their water, sanitation and forestry resources. Their mission: El Porvenir assists people in rural communities in Nicaragua to improve their living standards through sustainable development in clean water, sanitation, reforestation and health education. To date, EP has completed 685 water and sanitation projects that now supply over 86,000 people with clean water on a daily basis. In Nicaragua, EP has a central office in Managua, and six regional offices in Cuidad Darío, Terrabona, Camoapa, San Lorenzo, El Sauce, and Wiwilí

Project C.U.R.E.

The registered trademark of the Benevolent Healthcare Foundation, PROJECT C.U.R.E. is a nonprofit, humanitarian relief organization that delivers donated medical supplies, equipment and services to medical professionals and the patients under their care in developing countries. Currently, PROJECT C.U.R.E. is the world’s largest organization of its kind, delivering on average two 40-foot cargo containers of medical relief every week, and having worked in more than 120 countries worldwide. Founded in 1987 to help meet the endless need for medical supplies and services in developing countries, PROJECT C.U.R.E. is headquartered in Centennial, Colo., outside of Denver. Distribution centers are located in Centennial, Colo., Phoenix, Ariz.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Houston, Texas. PROJECT C.U.R.E. collection centers are located in Albuquerque, N.M.; Austin, Texas; Basalt, Colo.; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Grand Junction, Colo.; Harrisburg, Pa.; Ithaca, N.Y.; Lexington, Ky.; Sarasota, Fla.; and Tampa, Fla. For more information, visit

Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

The Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking works to combat human trafficking at a local and global level through community-based research, training and education, leadership development, and intentional collaboration. They hope to develop sustainable efforts to end human trafficking by establishing community support mechanisms and serving as a catalyst for social change.


Nokero (short for "No Kerosene") designs, manufactures and collectively distributes safe, affordable, and environmentally-friendly solar based technologies. Our solar lights and solar battery chargers are high-quality and low-cost, eliminating the need for harmful and polluting fuels around the world.

Solar Powered Light for the "Other Billion"

Our products are designed for the 1.3 billion people without access to reliable electricity.  Today many of these people spend upwards of 30% of their daily income on kerosene based fuels to burn in makeshift lanterns and lamps.  This not only deprives families of hard earned money it poses a real and serious health hazard through the release of toxic fumes and the high occurrence of burns caused by the accidental knock over of lamps.  Through the use of our solar-based products our customers can see a ROI in six months and then have positive income flows through the decreased or discontinued use of kerosene for lighting purposes. Our solar powered light bulbs each contain a solar panel, rechargeable battery and efficient and powerful LED lights.

Edge of Seven

Edge of Seven, in name and spirit, endeavors to provide access to educational and economic resources for the most marginalized members of developing communities – most often, girls and women. We also offer volunteers the unique opportunity to work closely with people who face different obstacles in life, possess different histories, and hold different perspectives on our world.

Mission Statement: Edge of Seven’s mission is to create access to educational, health, and economic resources for girls and women in the developing world. We do this by providing funding, volunteer support, and capacity-building services to community-driven initiatives in rural areas of Nepal.


Our Mission: AfricAid is a nonprofit organization that supports girls’ education in Africa in order to provide young women with the opportunity to transform their own lives and the futures of their communities.

Our Method – Reach, Teach, Empower. 
AfricAid gives girls in Africa the basic opportunity to go to school. In Tanzania, education literally can be the difference between life and death. This is a frightening reality in a country where 95 percent of girls do not finish high school. AfricAid reaches these girls through our scholarship programs, helping to give them a voice in their future, and in the future of their communities.

But it is not enough to simply provide hope. These women must also have access to a clear pathway to success. AfricAid teaches these young African women and helps them achieve their potential in the classroom. AfricAid helps to pave this crucial path by ensuring that girls in Tanzania have relevant, high-quality learning experiences while in school. Our initiatives provide vocational and teacher training, build classrooms at overcrowded schools, supply textbooks and computers, and fund school lunches for undernourished students.

Finally, there is a saying in Africa that if you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family. By giving these women the tools they need to improve their lives and the lives of those around them, AfricAid empowers young African girls to become leaders, reaching the next generation of girls.

As a result of AfricAid’s work, hundreds of young women have become teachers, nurses, and doctors. AfricAid's scholars have been accepted to leadership training programs around the world, have started their own initiatives, and are now mothers to the next generation of educated girls. The result is an opportunity to see an exponential increase in education for young women, and a powerful cycle of reaching, teaching, and empowering that is changing lives across Africa.

25 in Charge

25 in Change is a Christ-centered, church-led movement that gives people the chance to change the world in a new and participatory way. By partnering with churches, we empower local communities to address the suffering caused by malnutrition that is faced by billions of people around the world, the “overlooked and ignored.” At this moment, three billion people struggle and suffer from some form of malnutrition:one billion people with chronic hunger, another billion with nutrient-deprivation, and another billion who are overweight and obese.


iEmpathize works to eradicate child exploitation and engage culture in creative solutions. We empower the kids, sectors, and regions most affected by the issue of child exploitation.

Empathy = Ending It: An apathetic society is a safe haven for victimizers where they can hide, plan and expand their criminal networks against children. A sympathetic society is aware of the victimization occurring but for diverse reasons struggle to enter in. Sympathy is feeling badly for the suffering of others. It is passive, allowing separation to exist between the bystander and the victimized. Even though sympathy is a step in the right direction, both apathetic and sympathetic societies fail to actually address the injustice. Empathy closes this gap by diving into the suffering of others. It is active, compelling the empathizer toward action. Simply put, the difference between sympathy and empathy is entering in. Imagine the difference in law enforcement, legislators, leaders, influencers, and every day citizens in an apathetic society versus an empathetic one. Empathy is the essence of iEmpathize.

Getting Started

Why is it important to RSVP?

We need an accurate head count in order to ensure that we have enough food and that the venue sizes are correct.

Does Regis provide free shuttles from DIA to campus?

No, but there are many cheap shuttle/bus options that students can use.

What if my parents cannot come?

There are activities planned and free meals for families and guests of students at Orientation. However, it is fine if family members cannot attend the weekend. The majority of events are geared toward new students.

What do I need to know about Financial Aid?

How do I make sure my financial aid is in line?
Students can review their financial aid status online through Web Advisor or can check their Registration Invoice. If students have questions, they can contact the Office of Financial Aid at 1.800.388.2366 ext. 4126 or 303.458.4126.

How do I make sure my financial account is taken care of?
All students are expected to make financial arrangements on or before the tuition due date of Aug. 1. Student Accounts will send you a packet information that includes your registration invoice which explains all charges, financial aid information and class schedule. Please be sure to pay in full, set up a payment plan, and/or have your financial aid awards in a guaranteed status (all required paperwork completed) before Aug. 1. The Office of Student Accounts will send out email reminders of important dates as the due date approaches. If you need additional information regarding your student account, please call 303.458.4126, stop by the 4th floor of Main Hall, or visit our webpage.

What about setting up a bank account in Denver?

Saturday's Student Resource Fair also includes local banks that will help new students set up accounts. 

When can I get my books?

The Book and Bean (bookstore) is a hoppin' place during Orientation. The bookstore hours during orientation weekend are:

Thursday from 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Friday from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Saturday from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Sunday from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Make sure to bring a copy of your class schedule, as it will enable bookstore staff to assist you in finding and purchasing your required course materials!

What do I need to know about my computer and Regis email?

What computer should I bring to Regis University?
Regis University’s computing environment is overwhelmingly Microsoft-centric. However, many of our students do come to school with Apple computers and are quite happy with them. There are important things to consider with any computer regardless of brand, and Regis' ITS department is happy to help with your computer needs.

How do I connect my personal computer to the Internet?
A wired connection is provided for each student in their residence hall room and a wireless network is available across the campus. Simply connect to one of these networks and follow the on-screen instructions to register the computer. Note: A valid RegisNET ID is needed to complete the registration process. Regis University ITS personnel will be available during orientation weekend to assist any students and parents who may have questions.

How do I get my email address?
Your email address will be available after you have cleared your financial account. After you are "cleared" you can get your email address by visiting the webpage located at Follow the link for my RegisNet Account located on the left side of the page, and enter the request information. For additional help, visit the ITS help center in Carroll Hall during orientation.

What do I need to know about health insurance?

Why does Regis University require me to have health insurance?
Like most universities and colleges, Regis University requires students who have six or more credits in certain academic programs to be covered by comprehensive health insurance for their own continued wellness.

Who is required to have health insurance?
Students who are taking six or more credits and are Regis College students, Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions pre-licensure nursing students, pre-licensure physical therapy students, pre-licensure pharmacy students, and students enrolled in graduate nurse practitioner programs must maintain health coverage.

What are my options for health insurance?
You must either enroll in Regis University's Student Health Insurance Plan or waive the University plan and maintain an alternative health insurance plan at least as extensive as that provided by the University plan. If you choose to waive the University plan, you must provide the University with proof of that alternative coverage. Students must enroll in or waive the University plan during their first term and every successive fall semester.

How do I enroll in or waive the Regis University Student Health Insurance plan?
You must enroll in or waive the insurance plan prior to the deadline date.  Review the Student Health Insurance page for specifics on the deadline date for enrollment or waiver, as well as cost and coverage details.

Note: If you do not complete the enrollment or waiver process before the deadline you will automatically be enrolled in and billed for the University-sponsored Regis Student Health Insurance plan for the fall semester.

Doing Orientation Right

Do I have to go to Orientation? When do I need to arrive?

Since New Student Orientation is crucial for a student's success at Regis, we require it for ALL new students. It is very important for the students to be here on Thursday to check in and that they participate in the activities throughout the weekend.

What should I wear?

Dress for orientation weekend is casual; shorts and jeans are appropriate for most events. The only exception is dinner Thursday, August 20, at Sports Authority Field at Mile High; dress for this event is business casual (Sunday best).

What is the Student Resource Fair on Saturday, Aug. 22nd?

The Student Resource Fair is an opportunity for new students to meet with campus departments in order to do the following: validate meal plans, make sure immunization records are in order, speak with a student employment representative, and get information about Family Weekend, student involvement, on-campus programming, and other campus happenings.

Where do commuter students need to check-in?

Check-in will be located in the Commuter Lounge on the 2nd floor of the Student Center. Our staff will provide students and families with their final orientation schedule and folders with pertinent information about the weekend.

Getting Settled at Regis

How do I change my meal plan?

More details to come.

Obtaining a Parking Permit

All students that intend to park their vehicles on campus need a parking permit. Information about obtaining a parking permit can be found at:

When is Family Weekend?

Family Weekend will be held Thursday, October 1st -Sunday, October 4th. The weekend will include fun activities for parents and students. Attend classes with your son/daughter, eat lunch, and enjoy live entertainment. More information on this exciting weekend will be sent in August.

North Denver Hotels

Residence Inn by Marriott (Denver)* | 303.458.5318 or 800.331.3131
Offers shuttle service to downtown Denver and the Regis campus. Offers a free hot breakfast buffet and light-fare dinner Monday - Thursday.
Visit website

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel (Denver/Boulder)* | 303.427.4000
Offers a free shuttle to the Regis campus. The rate includes full breakfast buffet and a Doubletree Cookie at check-in.
Visit website

Residence Inn by Marriott (Westminster)* | 303.427.9500
Offers a free hot breakfast buffet and light-fare dinner Monday - Thursday.
Visit website

Hampton Inn (Westminster) | 303.427.0700
Visit website


Downtown Denver Hotels

Sheraton Denver Hotel* | 303.893.3333
Visit website

The Brown Palace Hotel* | 303.297.3111
Visit website

Downtown Denver Comfort Inn* | 303.296.0400 
Visit website

Courtyard by Marriott Denver Downtown* | 303.571.1114
Offers complimentary wireless Internet access and a 24-hour fitness center. On-site Starbucks.
Visit website

Hotel Monaco | 303.296.1717
Visit website

Denver Marriott - City Center | 303.297.1300
Visit website

The Westin Denver Downtown | 303.572.9100
Visit website

Airport Hotels

Marriott at Gateway Park | 303.371.4333
Visit website

La Quinta Inn & Suites | 800.687.6667
Visit website

Courtyard by Marriott | 303.371.0300
Visit website

West Denver Hotels

Courtyard by Marriott Denver West / Golden* | 303.271.0776
Visit website

Denver Marriott West (Golden) | 303.279.9100
Visit website

La Quinta Inn (Golden) | 303.279.5565
Visit website

Residence Inn by Marriott Denver West / Golden* | 303.271.0909
Visit website

Find directions, maps and view Regis University's North Denver (Lowell) Campus on our maps page.

Dear Regis Student and Parent,

This year, as part of New Student Orientation and in keeping with our motto “Men and Women in Service to Others,” Regis University is collaborating with Project C.U.R.E. to help provide everyday medical supplies and other healthcare essentials for individuals in the developing world. Please read about Project C.U.R.E below and help us make a difference by donating during New Student Orientation.

Project CURE

Please bring any 10 items from the list below to New Student Orientation where you will have the opportunity to fill a C.U.R.E. Kit for Kids over the weekend. Our goal is to fill 300 of the C.U.R.E. kit bags, which will be available throughout the weekend and assembled while you’re here. The university will pick up the cost for shipping them to these children through Project C.U.R.E. If every family brings enough for one kit, we can significantly exceed our goal. If you bring items, there will be a station during Orientation for you to put together a kit. Thank you for your participation in this small but Important effort! Here are some examples of items to bring for a Project C.U.R.E. Kit for Kids:

Pain relievers (e.g. ibuprofen, acetaminophen)
Antibiotic ointment (e.g. Neosporin)
Dressing tapeProject C.U.R.E.
Comb or brush
Facial tissue
Bug bite lotion
Burn ointment
Box of adhesive bandages
Elastic bandages
Antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, or wipes
Safety pins
Body wash
Lice shampoo (e.g. Nix, RID)
1% cortisone cream
Blunt scissors

  • Please obtain 10 differentitems from this list for each C.U.R.E. kit. If you have more than 10 items, please use them toward another box.
  • Make sure you collect only new, clean, and unused items for each C.U.R.E. kit.
  • C.U.R.E. kits are drawstring bags. Please keep this in mind when purchasing supplies. Ten travel-sized items may fit more easily than 10 full-sized items.
  • Each C.U.R.E. Kit will be delivered to hospitals and clinics in developing countries, where doctors and nurses will distribute the Kits to mothers and fathers.

Again, we thank you for helping us move one step closer to achieving our goal and making a difference by serving others!