group of cheerleaders smiling at practice

The Regis University Cheerleading team is co-ed. We participate in community events, athletic games and events, and many university functions. Regis University Cheerleaders are not only student-athletes and crowd leaders, but ambassadors of the University. The team consists of 16-24 members. The teams cheer at all home men’s and women's basketball games, and most volleyball, softball and soccer games. In addition we do attend some baseball, softball, and lacrosse events. The teams will also perform at several local and statewide events such as UCA Regional Competitions, State Recruiting Fair, and High School State Championships. It is up to the team and talent to go to college camp and compete at the National level.


The main focus of the Regis University’s Cheerleading Squads is to support athletics and the Regis University student body. We also, secondarily, participate in competition. Your actions, reactions, manner, conduct, and judgment should all positively reflect pride in your school, yourself, and your squad. People will judge the squads by what you do or don’t do in the classrooms and on campus. It’s our goal to have cheerleading squads that reflect the very best of Regis University. Our commitment in upholding the policies of this team is a vital part of our success.


  • To maintain high academics
  • To support school athletic teams and activities
  • To build a spirit program that is respected, positive and fun