Connecting with others through positive means to achieve your goals.

Social wellness means engaging the support of your family, friends and coworkers to empower you to reach your overall well-being.

On Campus Opportunities:

Bike to Work Day: Bike to work day happens once a year in June, a perfect time for faculty and staff to enjoy the outdoors and get in some fitness while they are at it. It is also a great way to help cut down on the air pollution for just one day, or you can even make a habit of it! You can sign up under the Regis Bike to Work group at As the day gets closer keep an eye out for emails and don’t forget to join in on the Bike to Work BBQ here on campus. Join other faculty and staff to talk about how far your ride was, what booths you got to stop at and how you enjoyed your ride. Who knows you could meet a new friend on campus to bike to work with regularly. 

Intramurals: Committed to fostering good sportsmanship and a healthy lifestyle, along with bonding with your coworkers and other faculty, staff, and students on campus, the Intramural program through Wellness and Recreation strives to provide all students, faculty and staff with opportunities to nurture their character, pursue physical fitness and make intelligent decisions within a competitive recreational environment. Intramurals offers sports all year round to help keep you physically active and connected with the Regis community. Visit to see what sports are happening throughout the year and to sign up your team. 

Regis Holiday Parties/Pot Lucks: These are great opportunities to get everyone together in your office and have a great time and gather socially. It is also a good way to take an hour or two at the end of a busy semester and regroup as a team in a fun way. Regis University also has its annual holiday party, which is a great way to spend time with your coworkers and to meet others on campus. 

Ignatian Heritage Day: Keep an eye out each August to see what day and time this event will take place. Come join the whole University for the President’s State of the University address and engage with fellow colleges across campus over lunch. 

Regis University Athletics Games: Visit for current sports schedules.