Developing physical wellness empowers you to take charge of your health to maintain a healthy quality of life.

Physical wellness means engaging in physical activity, healthy eating habits and participating in health promotion activities.

A quick trip to the Regis Neighborhood Health clinic could give you a more in depth look at your current health.

Biometric screenings provide vital health information for those looking to get a more in-depth look at their health. The screening is an evaluation to help provide past, current and potential medical problems and it is an important component in knowing about your overall wellness. Regis Neighborhood Health offers this screening at a low cost to you. In just 15 minutes you can get all of the following information on your health.

  • Full Lipid Panel (Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides)
  • Blood Glucose
  • Body Compositions (height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, waist circumference)
  • A1c, PSA, TSH, cotinine and many other tests
  • On-site biometric screenings provide an easy, inexpensive and convenient way to know more about your health.

Biometric screenings also include the following:

  • Individual results: after each screening you will receive a personal copy of your results plus education on how to read your results and what to do with your results.
  • Expert health education: The licensed professionals at Regis Neighborhood Health will analyze your results for you and recommend the right specialist for your needs.  

Who knows, the specialist you need could be right here on campus!

Regis Neighborhood Health recommends that you come in to get a biometric screening every six months.

2016-2017 Summary

In September 2016, the Regis University Faculty and Staff Wellness Program launched with collaborations from Wellness and Recreation, Regis Neighborhood Health, and Human Resources. The purpose of the program is to feature health and wellness events and activities on campus. Being financial stewards, the program’s goal is more centralized on utilizing and highlighting the resources already available on campus to faculty and staff, rather than bringing new programs to campus. The foundation of the program spring boards off of five pillars of wellness: physical (physical activity, healthy eating habits, and participating in health promotion activities), social (connecting with others through positive means to achieve goals), spiritual (a journey to cultivate a positive state of mind), financial (find choices to enjoy a purposeful life through balancing wants and needs) and emotional (find a continual process of change and growth). The creators of the program believe these aspects of wellness best engage the Regis community and these areas of wellness are paramount in improving overall health and wellness of individuals. In the planning stages of the program, committee members reached out to colleagues on campus to gain a better understanding of what the Regis community was seeking in a wellness program. Based on this feedback and countless hours of meetings and research by the committee, the program was established for the betterment of Regis University.

To support the goal of increasing faculty and staff awareness of health and wellness opportunities on campus, the committee designed a program for the Fall 2016 semester to introduce employees to the five pillars of health by recommending four wellness activities. To launch the program, a postcard was sent to all faculty and staff on campus in September 2016. Via postcards and word of mouth, the program grew to 84 members by the end of the Fall 2016 semester. The main event of the Fall 2016 semester was the Faculty and Staff Weight Loss Challenge, which had 100 participants. Through the efforts of the faculty and staff wellness program and the participants, 100 participants collectively achieved a total weight loss of 164 pounds and 52.75 inches (chest, waist, and hips). Winners of the weight loss challenge (individual winner and team winners) received a punch card to the cafeteria, wellness items, and a t-shirt. The punch cards were graciously donated by Student Life. In the Fall semester, the Faculty and Staff Wellness Program committee also offered a total of four opportunities on campus (including the weight loss challenge) for faculty and staff. Those who participated in three of the four opportunities were put into a drawing for Broncos tickets (a Student Activities donation). The program committee also drew names for a wellness bag prize. The four opportunities for the Fall 2016 semester were the Faculty and Staff Weight Loss Challenge, Flu Vaccines, a Nutrition Talk, and Biometric Screening. Coupled with the success of the program, approximately 300 employees received the free flu shots through Regis Neighborhood Health. This offering was an interdisciplinary activity involving nursing and pharmacy students.

Following the Weight Loss Challenge in the fall, Regis Neighborhood Health provided more biometric screenings and “Take Back the Scale” in November. As a result, participants reported a strong sense of positive support for their wellness goals. Thirty-two employees participated in the biometrics screenings and fifteen employees were in the “Take Back the Scale” offering.

In the Spring 2017 semester, the program advertisement used email distribution to market (list servs were generated from the Fall semester) and mailers sent out to each department on campus encouraging verbal promotion on campus. Through this method, the program received more employee sign-ups for the Wellness Program and the program has now increased to a total of 92 members. The main event of the spring semester was the “Go Move Challenge”, a challenge between Jesuit schools competing for the greatest amount of movement in the month of February. Regis University had 128 participants in this challenge. In the Spring semester, the program offered eight different opportunities on and off campus and participants who complete five opportunities will receive either a set of four Rockies tickets (a Student Activities Donation), a pair of tickets for Fitness on the Rocks (a Wellness and Recreation Donation) or a workout bag filled with at home workout supplies, for participating in five of the opportunities. The eight opportunities in the Spring 2017 semester are the “Prairie Dog 5K” on April 9th, “Go Move Challenge”, Biometric Health Screening, volunteering, Human Resources MetLife Workshops, Heart Health Talk, Meditation, and the UnitedHealthcare “Rally” program.

In closing, the program believes that through inspiring and empowering our employees with our program, they will obtain a path to health and vitality. Like many employers, the University is bearing the burden of employee’s “higher health insurance cost”.  By making changes in the workplace and offering a wellness program, it can reduce healthcare costs for everyone.  Wellness programs create a fun workplace, drive productivity, and attract health conscious employees. 

Keys to our continued success:

➢     Discount on health insurance premiums

➢     Leadership support

➢     Communication

➢     Highlighting programs that are already in place

➢     Increasing productivity

Thank you to everyone for the support of the Regis University Faculty and Staff Wellness Program and for helping spread the word. These successes would not be possible without you all.

Smoking Cessation

Looking to quit smoking or learn more about smoking and your health? Visit to find out more information. The Colorado QuitLine is funded through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The department serves the people of Colorado by providing high-quality, cost-effective public health and environmental protection services. The department focuses on evidence-based practices in the public health and environmental fields and plays a critical role in educating Colorado citizens to make informed choices.

Weight Loss Challenge

Join the Faculty and Staff Wellness Program for a weight loss challenge. The Wellness Program will offer a six-week challenge in the fall. The challenge will contain two weigh in periods (initial and final) and the winner will be determined by percentage of total weight lost, which is all based off of body composition. The winner will also get a prize.

Fall 2017 Six-Week Weight Loss Challenge (WLC)

To sign up for the weight loss challenge register email us at and please include your full name, department name and whether you are signing up as an individual or part of a team. If you are participating in a team, please include your team's name and if possible, list all team members' names and email addresses.

Fall 2016 WLC Success

We would like to congratulate the Brown Family, Team "Slim Possible" (Fredricka, Brenna and Savanna) on winning the Team Challenge for the Faculty and Staff Weight Loss Challenge. As a team, they lost a total of 21.4 lbs and 15.25 inches. Wow! Great job ladies! The Faculty and Staff Wellness Program committee is so proud of their hard work that we want to share it with you all as well. If you see one of them on campus, please be sure to congratulate them because each of these ladies has been working hard these past six weeks!

Also, we just wanted to share the amazing group results from the six week weight loss challenge. As a group of 100 participants (with more than 50 percent doing both the initial and final weigh ins), they lost a total of 164 lbs and 52.75 inches between chest, waist and hips. 

For additional fitness tips and ideas, visit the Wellness and Recreation Facebook page.

To keep track of your fitness and nutrition, either while doing the challenge or for general daily use, we recommend using MyFitnessPal. It is not just a website for recording your exercise and nutrition, but it also comes in a convenient app for your phone! If you are participating in the weight loss challenge, we recommend you use this program to help you stay on track with your goals because we all know the more you put into something, the more you will get out of it.

Regis Neighborhood Health is an integral part of Cultivate Health, we believe there is A Better Way to Health by providing preventative care and individualized healthcare. Regis Neighborhood Health currently offers integrated, interprofessional primary care to university employees and their families, and is slated to open to those living in and around Regis University in fall 2016. Full-time, part-time, faculty, staff, affiliate staff, insurance, no insurance - it's all good.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Regis Neighborhood Health

  1. We’re right on campus. Find us in the Coors Life Directions Center, Room 115.
  2. Call for an appointment 303.964.6655. Same day appointments are usually available.
  3. If you work here, you’re welcome at Regis Neighborhood Health. Full-time, part-time, faculty, staff, affiliate, contract worker, insurance, no insurance – it’s all good.
  4. Be assured, your health information is always confidential.
  5. You’ll have your own team. You’ll be cared for by experts in their fields: family nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, counselors and family therapists.

Regis Neighborhood Health currently offers the following health services:

  • Primary care – provided by nurse practitioners
  • Physical examinations, including school and sports physicals
  • Acute illnesses
  • Physical therapy 
  • Immunizations
  • Health coaching
  • Active lifestyle maintenance
  • Crisis care
  • Medication counseling
  • Drug-free pain management

Clinical consultative services are also offered for the following conditions:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Substance use or abuse

To learn more about Regis Neighborhood Health visit: or Regis Neighborhood Health Services Services on Facebook.

Wellness and Recreation offers many services that are open to faculty and staff here on campus. These services include:

6,000 sq ft Fitness Center
  • All you need is an ID to enter the facility and it is yours to use.
  • Note: hours change throughout the year.
Group Fitness Classes
  • These classes are free to faculty and staff all year long. Just bring your ID to get into the fitness center and you can attend whichever class you like.
Personal Training
  • This is a free service offered to all faculty and staff on campus. To sign up visit and navigate to the personal training page via the fitness center page to see how to sign up.
Intramural Sports
  • This is a free service the faculty and staff can take advantage of here at Regis University all year long. Make a team with coworkers or a team with some of your students, either works for us! Visit to see what sports are being offered and to sign up your team.
Outdoor Adventure Program Cycle Works Bike Shop
  • If you tend to do a lot of biking around Colorado or you want to start back up and get your bike services, the Bike Shop is here to help. The shop is open during the school year and the bike shop techs can help get your bike up to working speed. Tune-ups are free of charge, but if you need a part replaced you will have to cover the cost of the part, other than that this is another free service offered to faculty and staff here on campus.

Mission Statement

Wellness and Recreation strives to positively impact the quality of life of the Regis community through inclusive, innovative and socially engaging programs, which promote a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Fall 2016 Weight Loss Challenge Team Winners (Slim Possible) Testimonial

Being able to work at a place that values our mental, spiritual and physical well-being is very important to all three of us. We are so fortunate to be able to work together at Regis. This year, my mom finally committed to changing her lifestyle and focusing on making healthy nutrition choices as well as ramping up her workout regime. After months of this, she inspired my sister and I to also start making healthier choices like bringing veggies to snack on during the day and planning what we were going to make for dinner ahead of time so that we didn’t get stuck grabbing "quick fixes" that weren’t healthy. We also began working out together during our lunch time at the Regis Fitness Center or at one of the many gyms offered on our monthly Class Pass membership. When the Wellness Program announced they were hosting a weight loss challenge for the faculty and staff, we were so excited to sign up. All three of us have different fitness goals, but we knew we would be able to encourage each other through this challenge to do our best (and hopefully each lose a little weight). The challenge was the perfect length - just long enough to see results and stay encouraged. The emails that came along a few times a week helped us stay motivated and gave us ideas for workouts or meals to help us switch it up and not get bored. With the encouragement of the Wellness Program staff and each other we were able to beat the small goals we had set for ourselves and really make a change in our bodies during this challenge. We are so grateful for this challenge and can't wait to continue encouraging each other on our fitness journeys.

- Savanna Brown

Fall 2016 Wellness Program Winner Testimonial

I was entered to win a pair of Bronco tickets for participating in three Regis Wellness Program Events, and I won! I took my son to his first Bronco game, and we had an amazing time. The seats were awesome, the weather was great (for January) and we loaded up on junk food. What a fun game to go to and a special day with my little guy! Also - the Broncos beat the Raiders. :)

- Marla Bregitzer

Fall 2016 Wellness Program Winner Testimonial

New Year’s Day 2017. Over 20 pounds lost, a new Broncos scarf wrapped around my neck, an awesome stadium blanket to keep me warm, and two FREE tickets to the Broncos vs. Raiders game. Sounds like a pretty great start to the New Year, right? All because I decided to kick-start my healthy new year by participating in the Faculty and Staff Wellness Program. All I had to do was take steps to improve my health! I had a biometric screening, participated in the Weight Loss Challenge, and finally got my flu shot. Small price to pay for a chance for free Broncos tickets!

I received the email that my name was pulled for the tickets. MY NAME! I screamed, I jumped for joy, and once I was at the game, I downed a whole piece of pizza in celebration of my hard work and success.

Plus, by getting a kick-start for changing my health, while surrounded by a solid support team and accountability, I am still making healthy decisions in creating a much healthier lifestyle for lasting change. The Fitness Center at Regis always has programs, contests, and great opportunities available if people need help in sticking to your goals – TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM! I promise you won’t regret it. Plus, you might get free tickets to watch your home team.

Blessings and cura personalis,

- Kayla

Broncos game Broncos game