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The Regis Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP) is an outdoor recreation and experiential learning program offering workshops, personal skill training, professional development, spiritual growth, and experiential activities. The program provides participants with outdoor learning experiences that are processed allowing time for reflection.

OAP serves as an outlet for the Regis community to participate in outdoor activities guided by the Ignatius tradition of "Finding God in all things," to develop a deeper understanding of the wilderness through experiential, adventure, and environmental education and to participate in intentionally designed activities that create opportunities for spiritual reflection and leadership development. 

OAP Gear Rental Schedule

OAP gear can be rented or returned by Regis University students at any time the Fitness Center is open. Fitness Center hours can be found on the Fitness Center webpage.


Where Are You Located?

Coors Life Directions Center, Room 118D

Who Can Rent?

Current students with valid student IDs.

What Can I Rent?

You can find an array of items suitable for your outdoor needs. You can rent backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, backcountry/avalanche gear, lanterns, trekking poles, and other miscellaneous camping/backpacking gear.

How Much Does It Cost?

Rental is free; however, fees will be assessed for improper returns (i.e. leaving your gear in our hallway), late return without attempting to contact us, or damage to your gear, as stated in the rental contract.

How long can I rent OAP gear for?

Available OAP equipment may be rented at any time during the week for use through the upcoming weekend or break. ALL rented equipment is DUE BACK by the close of the fitness center on the second week day after a weekend or break. (i.e. due by Tuesday night after a normal weekend or spring break, due by Wednesday night after MLK weekend with Monday off, due by Thursday night after fall break with Monday and Tuesday off).

Any Fitness Center or OAP staff can check in gear when the Fitness Center is open.

A late fee of 5% of the equipment’s replacement cost will be assessed for Each Day that a piece of gear is late.

What are the fees if I lose, damage or return gear late?

If gear is lost, damaged, or late and you do not remit payment at the OAP office within 20 days of when the equipment was due back your student account will be invoiced for these charges. Student Accounts will uphold their unpaid account policy of restricting future registration and withholding release of transcripts and/or diplomas.

Lost, Damaged, Late OAP Gear Rental Fees

At the bottom of this page is The Outdoor Adventure Program's Gear Rental Contract that all students initial/sign online at our ActiveNet Software site before renting any gear from the program. It is also posted on the door of the OAP office as a reminder to all students who rent gear.

Can I submit an appeal for the lost, damage or late fees?

Yes, you can submit an appeal using the form below. This appeal form must be submitted to the Coordinator of Wellness and Recreation within 20 days of the date your equipment was due back. After 20 days, if you have not appealed the charges or submitted payment to Wellness and Recreation, your student account will be charged and no appeals will be accepted.

*Please Note*
You must bring your student ID to rent gear. No ID no gear. If you have an upcoming trip planned and would like to reserve gear, please inform OAP no later than seven days prior to your trip. Otherwise, gear is on a first come first served basis once OAP trip needs have been met.

For more details on please contact Brian Anderson at or 303-458-4202

 Outdoor Adventure Program Activities 2015-2016


July 16-20               1st Tracks (for incoming freshmen and transfer students)

August 16-20          1st Tracks (for incoming freshmen and transfer students)

August 29                 Beginning Rock Climbing

September 6            Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Colorado River

September 10          Wild and Scenic and your Brain on Tech short film festival

September 12-13     Lake Dillon Adventure

September 17          Climbing Competition

September 19          Quandary Peak 14er Hike

September 19-20     Backpacking Trip

September 22           Extreme S’mores on the Quad

September 26-27      Caving

October 2                    Family Day Hike in Evergreen

October 10-13           Fall Break- Westwater Rafting Trip

October 10-13           Fall Break- Climbing in Moab

October 17                 1st Tracks Reunion

October 24                 Day Hike in Deer Creek Canyon

October 28                 Climbing Competition

November 7-8            Indoor Climbing Lock-In

November 14-15        Hut Trip with Father Bart



January 16-17             Winter Park Ski Weekend

January 29-31             Snowfest

February 6                    Ice Fishing

February 9                    Extreme S'mores on the Quad

February 12                  Climbing Competition

February 20                  Evergreen Broom Ball

February 27-March 6   Spring Break- Sailing in Florida

February 29-March 5   Spring Break- Ice Climbing in Ouray, CO

March 17                       Climbing Competition

March 19                       Day Hike at Mt. Falcon

April 2                            Bike Day Trip

Registration for Outdoor Adventure Program trips is completed through our online ActiveNet site. All current Regis University students have accounts with ActiveNet.  If you have never used our ActiveNet site, simply click on “Forgotten?” under the sign in box. Your assigned log in and password will be emailed to your Regis email. Your spot on a trip is not guaranteed until you have paid your trip fee. Follow instructions on the website for paying. If you have trouble registering for any trip please contact Brian Anderson by email, or by phone at 303.458.4202 or stop by his office in the Coors Life Directions Center, Room 118C.

Important Links

CAIC: Colorado Avalanche Information Center 
Colorado Department of Transportation-Trip Planner 
Colorado State Parks 
Colorado Ski Report- By resort 

Professional Organizations

American Canoe Association 
Access Fund 
Association for Experiential Education 
Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education 
National Intramural-Recreation Sports Association
Wilderness Education Association 


American Alpine Club 
Big City Mountaineers 
Colorado Mountain Club 
Colorado Fourteeners Initiative 
Outdoor Recreation- Denver Parks and Recreation 
Trips For Kids 
Volunteers Outdoor Colorado 

Outdoor Program Trainees

This is a great opportunity for incoming freshmen who want to work for the Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP) but don’t think they have the skills for it.  The Outdoor Program Trainees (OPTs Team) is like an internship with OAP. 

Duties include but are not limited to:

-          Weekly meetings with OAP staff

-          Work 2 office hours a week with an OAP leader

-          Monthly training trips/meetings

-          Help market trips and the program as a whole

-          Be consistent dependable and organized

-          Learn how to budget, build and run outdoor trips


Space is limited to 10 trainees. 

If you are interested in applying for OPTs Team please email Brian at for an application.

Leader Bios

Hello World! My name is Hannah. I am a happy runner who lives life simply for the experience of it. I am known as the “stick licker” of the OAP troop. My homeland rests just a jump west of the Grand Tetons. My love of food is the ultimate understatement. I value independence, honesty, and people. Most importantly, I am always down for an adventure and natures ability to make coincidences happen. If I have not met you yet, I am sure our paths will cross someday soon :).

Hi guys, I'm Grace Angelique Corrigan. I'm from a little town in Ohio (Midwest) which means I've got some great values and a responsible outlook on life. I enjoy having a laugh with my buds but don't worry, I'm always here if you need a friend or someone to chat with about boys and other life stuff. I’m a nice girl and one of my dreams is to become un-addicted to diet coke because I care about my health and yours too. One day I hope to be a manager at village inn because I love vegetarian eggs benedict and would really enjoy some sweet discounts all the time. Lastly, I cannot wait to have some good ol fashion fun in the great outdoors because Colorado is known for that so there are lots of places to hike and stuff. Okay see you out there. Don’t forget to bring your smiles!

Hi, I’m Mahalah, but some people call me Mahaha. I’m a fun-loving chick from Californ-i-a, raised in that sweet west-coast sunshine. I have a passion for living life to the fullest and LOVE spending time in nature!! :) My hobbies include yoga, rock-climbing, goofing around, and making antioxidant rich smoothies!

Hello everyone, I’m Jack Doering, the only male student staff member this year for OAP. Here at OAP they call me Jackie to “fit-in” with the rest of the crew. I am a lacrosse player, snowboarder and general outdoor enthusiast. As the Assistant Director of OAP I run the Outdoor Program Trainees (OPTS Team) a program to get more freshmen into OAP. When not outside you might find me in Castleblayney, Ireland where I participated in the world’s largest gathering of Smurfs, a whopping 1,253 of us to be exact to set the world’s record! Ask me about it I love to talk Smurf.

Hey my name is Maddie Smith. I hail from Minnesota so Colorado winter does not bother me one bit. I love to rock climb, camp and travel. In my world travels I have developed a great collection of ‘do not disturb’ hotel room door signs around 1,000 to be exact. There kind of my obsession. I am always looking for more so if you have any send them my way. I am excited to be working with OAP this year and hope to see you out there.

What’s up everyone? I’m Larissa Drew. I love the outdoors most weekends I will hit the trails to go back packing with friends or family. I am currently a senior in the nursing degree program, so I keep pretty busy. When not at the hospital working or outdoors you can find me in the gym. I like to work out and am currently trying to win back my title from Scott Murphy who in 2012 set the new Guinness World Record for The Tightest Circumference Roll of a 12 Inch Aluminum Frying Pan by Hand in 30 Seconds - 6.87 inches. Before that it was all mine, I will get my title back Scott! I am excited to get you guys outside to see all that my home state has to offer.

My name is Maggie Koby. I am super jazzed to be working for OAP this year; I love the outdoors, water sports, horseback riding, dangerous stunts and trying to combine all my hobbies at once. I hold the record at .29 miles for the longest distance a person has been dragged by a horse while on fire. My biggest passion is water sports though so make sure you sign up for the rafting and kayaking trips to see me. This year with OAP is going to be great.

Hey gang, Becca here. As the only veteran OAP staff member I feel it is my duty to tell you that this year is going to rock. I am a huge rock climber, love canyoneering, and spend most of my free time training to run the 100m dash on all fours! The time to beat is 18.58, just need to shave 2 seconds of my time. If you are on a trip with me ask me about some of my training regimen. It real helps with my climbing as well. I hope to see you on a trip soon.

Students who wish to submit an appeal for lost, damaged or late fees may do so by completing the form below.

The form must be submitted to the Coordinator of Wellness and Recreation within 20 days of the date your equipment was due back. After 20 days, if you have not appealed the charges or submitted payment to Wellness and Recreation, your student account will be charged and no appeals will be accepted.