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The Regis Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP) is an outdoor recreation and experiential learning program offering workshops, personal skill training, professional development, spiritual growth, and experiential activities. The program provides participants with outdoor learning experiences that are processed allowing time for reflection.

OAP serves as an outlet for the Regis community to participate in outdoor activities guided by the Ignatius tradition of "Finding God in all things," to develop a deeper understanding of the wilderness through experiential, adventure, and environmental education and to participate in intentionally designed activities that create opportunities for spiritual reflection and leadership development. 

OAP Gear Rental Schedule

OAP Rental Shop hours

Monday           8am-12pm, 4pm-8pm

Tuesday          8am-10am, 4pm-6pm

Wednesday     8am-12pm, 4pm-8pm

Thursday         10am-12pm, 4pm-8pm

Friday            8am-12pm, 4pm-8pm

Saturday & Sunday    CLOSED


Where Are You Located?

Coors Life Directions Center, Room 118D

Who Can Rent?

Current students with valid student IDs.

What Can I Rent?

You can find an array of items suitable for your outdoor needs. 

What we Rent

Sleeping bag



Avalanche Probes

Avalanche Beacon






pack Covers

Split Board

Dining Fly

Trekking Poles


Sleeping Pads

Wash bins


Duck backs

How Much Does It Cost?

Rental is free; however, fees will be assessed for improper returns (i.e. leaving your gear in our hallway), late return without attempting to contact us, or damage to your gear, as stated in the rental contract.

How long can I rent OAP gear for?

Available OAP equipment may be rented at any time during the week for use through the upcoming weekend or break. ALL rented equipment is DUE BACK by the close of the fitness center on the second week day after a weekend or break. (i.e. due by Tuesday night after a normal weekend or spring break, due by Wednesday night after MLK weekend with Monday off, due by Thursday night after fall break with Monday and Tuesday off).

Any Fitness Center or OAP staff can check in gear when the Fitness Center is open.

A late fee of 5% of the equipment’s replacement cost will be assessed for Each Day that a piece of gear is late.

What are the fees if I lose, damage or return gear late?

If gear is lost, damaged, or late and you do not remit payment at the OAP office within 20 days of when the equipment was due back your student account will be invoiced for these charges. Student Accounts will uphold their unpaid account policy of restricting future registration and withholding release of transcripts and/or diplomas.

Lost, Damaged, Late OAP Gear Rental Fees

At the bottom of this page is The Outdoor Adventure Program's Gear Rental Contract that all students initial/sign online at our ActiveNet Software site before renting any gear from the program. It is also posted on the door of the OAP office as a reminder to all students who rent gear.

Can I submit an appeal for the lost, damage or late fees?

Yes, you can submit an appeal using the form below. This appeal form must be submitted to the Coordinator of Wellness and Recreation within 20 days of the date your equipment was due back. After 20 days, if you have not appealed the charges or submitted payment to Wellness and Recreation, your student account will be charged and no appeals will be accepted.

*Please Note*
You must bring your student ID to rent gear. No ID no gear. If you have an upcoming trip planned and would like to reserve gear, please inform OAP no later than seven days prior to your trip. Otherwise, gear is on a first come first served basis once OAP trip needs have been met.

For more details on please contact Brian Anderson at or 303-458-4202

Outdoor Adventure Program Activities

Fall 2016

August 27 - Caving at Fulford Cave - Vail, CO - Descend into darkness and explore this cave in the White River National Forest which was discovered in the  1800's. 

August 30 - Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Chatfield State Park - Our first ever Afternoon Adventure!  Enjoy a few hours on a SUP at Chatfield State Park.   

September 3 - Rock Climbing at Jurassic Park - Estes Park, CO - Whether a beginner or building your skills, enjoy a few hours climbing on these cool rock faces. 

September 4 - Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Colorado River - SUP part II, this time on the CO river! 

September 6 - Slackfest - Regis on the "Beach" - All skill levels are welcome to try this unique activity similar to tightrope walking. 

September 7 - Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Chatfield State Park - Another weekday afternoon SUP'ing at beautiful Chatfield. 

September 8 - Hammock-In Movie - Regis on the "Beach" - Watch a movie during Thursday Thrills from the comfort of a hammock. 

September 10 - Rock Climbing - Golden, CO - Enjoy beautiful views as you climb at nearby Table Mountain in Golden. 

September 10-11 - Camping and Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Silverthorne, CO - Spend a great weekend camping and SUP'ing!

September 13 - Bike Clinic - Regis - Join OAP's mechanics on-campus to learn the basics of how to keep your bike in good shape. 

September 14 - Full Moon Hike - A hike under a full moon, OAP staff will be teaching improvised shelters and fire starting.   

September 15 - Sailing - Cherry Creek Reservoir - Enjoy a day of sailing at Cherry Creek, all experience levels invited!  

September 17-18 -
Camping - RMNP - Spend an evening camping in glorious Rocky Mountain National Park. 

September 17 - Hiking a 14'er - A Colorado tradition, hike a summit over 14,000 feet! 

September 20 - Bike ride around Denver - Explore the city on two wheels. 

September 21 - Women's Bouldering Clinic - An evening of bouldering at Regis only for the ladies.

September 24-25 - Regis Family Weekend - Activities include hiking at 3 Sisters Park, and SUP'ing at Chatfield Reservoir. 

September 28 - Disc Golf - Arvada, CO - Enjoy a round or two at nearby Bird's Nest Park. 

September 30 - OAP Service Day - Help give back by working with a local park on some trail maintenance.

September 30 - October 1- Backpacking - Check out Lost Creek Wilderness in this awesome backcountry trip. 

October 4 - Climbing - Enjoy the sun on a portable outdoor climbing wall! 

October 5 - Disc Golf - A weekday afternoon of disc golf at Badlands course at Camenisch Park. 

October 8-11 - Fall Break - Moab, UT - Climb, boulder, hike, and canyoneering in gorgeous Moab!          

October 8-11 - Fall Break - Whitewater Rafting - Spend three days on the river and hit some great rapids.        

October 19 - Advanced Climbing Techniques - Learn advanced skills at the Regis Climbing Wall.

October 20 - Women's Bouldering Clinic - Ladies, come to the Regis Fitness Center to learn new skills and techniques. 

October 22 - Easy Day Hike - Chief Mountain Trail - Take a easy hike on this beautiful trail. 

October 22-23 - Climbing Lock-In - An overnight trip at Rock'n & Jam'n, CO's best indoor climbing gym! 

October 26 - Climbing Competition - The first competition of the year at the Regis bouldering wall. 

November 5 - Glacier Travel Trip - Learn about travel with a day trip to St. Mary's Glacier. 

November 9 - Advanced Climbing Techniques - Learn advanced skills at the Regis Climbing Wall.

November 10 - Women's Bouldering Clinic - An evening of bouldering at Regis only for the ladies.

November 12-13 - Hut Trip - OAP's last adventure of the semester will be hiking to a remote backcountry hut to explore CO wilderness in the winter. 

Registration for Outdoor Adventure Program trips is completed through our online ActiveNet site. All current Regis University students have accounts with ActiveNet.  If you have never used our ActiveNet site, simply click on “Forgotten?” under the sign in box. Your assigned log in and password will be emailed to your Regis email. Your spot on a trip is not guaranteed until you have paid your trip fee. Follow instructions on the website for paying. If you have trouble registering for any trip, please contact Brian Anderson by email, by phone at 303.458.4202 or stop by his office in the Coors Life Directions Center, Room 118C.

Important Links

CAIC: Colorado Avalanche Information Center 
Colorado Department of Transportation-Trip Planner 
Colorado State Parks 
Colorado Ski Report- By resort 

Professional Organizations

American Canoe Association 
Access Fund 
Association for Experiential Education 
Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education 
National Intramural-Recreation Sports Association
Wilderness Education Association 


American Alpine Club 
Big City Mountaineers 
Colorado Mountain Club 
Colorado Fourteeners Initiative 
Outdoor Recreation- Denver Parks and Recreation 
Trips For Kids 
Volunteers Outdoor Colorado 

Outdoor Program Trainees

This is a great opportunity for incoming freshmen who want to work for the Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP) but don’t think they have the skills for it.  The Outdoor Program Trainees (OPTs Team) is like an internship with OAP. 

Duties include but are not limited to:

-          Weekly meetings with OAP staff

-          Work 2 office hours a week with an OAP leader

-          Monthly training trips/meetings

-          Help market trips and the program as a whole

-          Be consistent dependable and organized

-          Learn how to budget, build and run outdoor trips


Space is limited to 10 trainees. 

If you are interested in applying for OPTs Team please email Brian at for an application.

Leader Bios

To travel, to experience and to learn: that is to live. (Tenzing Norgay)  This is why I am here at the Outdoor Adventure Program at Regis University.  Hello, my name is Brian Anderson and I am the Coordinator of the Outdoor Adventure Program.  Please join us on an OAP trip and see what Sherpa Tenzing meant by those words.

Hi! I’m JJ. A clean-cut gent who loves the outdoors. I am all about outdoor health. My hygiene reflects the outdoors. Taking a geyser bath under a full moon is my absolute favorite. I love the aromatic scents of pine, smoked oak, dirt, and wildflowers. My diet is solid too. I eat pinecones for fiber, trout for omega fatty acids, and bear for protein. I specifically end every meal with a juniper berry for the freshest breath. My health isn’t the only thing that rocks. A lot of people say I must be related to one of the cabbage patch kids. Really, it’s just my high intake of bear meat. My looks are important to me. Don’t go getting me confused with a boy scout, I’m a man scout. My must have item for the outdoors are my sunglasses to combat the 360 days of Colorado sunshine and my birch bark journal. So if you are into the ultimate outdoor experience with OAP, let ME be your guide.

Hi guys I'm Zach! When I moved out to Colorado I knew it would be exactly like Catalina! So I brought my three separate kinds of flip flops. Even snow flops! I only wear flip flops, especially with super short shorts (talkin 80s style). It's surprising I still have my toes despite a few frostbite instances. I am the office coordinator here at OAP, and love to go outside! Catch me on the quad, and hit me up on I love meeting new people and seeing new kinds of flops! Keep it floppy.

GOOOO BIG RED!! Hey everyone my name is Ashlee, but here at OAP I go by Smashlee. I got the nickname Smashlee because my hidden talent is that I can smash anything with my middle toe. I’m from stinkin’ Lincoln, Nebraska, and I’m a nursing major. I have learned to go the extra step for others, just as long as it’s not on a ladder. Go on an OAP trip and maybe you can take a picture with me. Don’t ask me to take the photo though, I’m way too photogenic for that. Oh and #diabetesawareness 

Hello world! My name is Renate, pronounced like Rugh-not-ugh. You can also call me Granada or de nada or “hey you”. I even respond to dog whistles if you feel like getting creative.  I love outdoor activities because I have a lot of energy to burn. I sit, I fetch, and I occasionally shake hands so don’t be fooled by my blonde fur. I’m actually multi-talented! I’m a fairly good girl but don’t let me out of your sight because I’ll probably wipe my rear on your carpet. I’m very friendly and love meeting new people. I’m so friendly, in fact, that some call me “man’s best friend”… Just beware… I can get a little nosey (if you know what I mean). I’m loyal, I’m smart, and I’m excited to get to know you all on an upcoming trip!

Hey y’all my name is Ship Shippin’ Shiply and yes, Ship is really my name(s).  I’m from Texas and despite living in Colorado for more than a year now, my western lingo stays intact!  My life’s dream? I’d have to say it’s to work on a large… Boat!  I actually hate the water but it seems like it was meant to be.  Anyways, I love all things about the Colorado outdoors and am excited to share it with all of you! 

Aloha!  My name is Kekoa! That’s racist.  I come from the beautiful land of Hawaii which is why I don’t wear shoes or pants.  Ever.  That’s racist.  I love to shred the gnarly pow pow and I go like 8 days a week because I don’t go to class.  Except for on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I have class all day.  Ask me about boarding (skate or snow) and about my summer job in the wonderful land of Texas.  Texas is JUST like my home, Hawaii!!  That’s racist.  This is my third year at OAP and I love getting outside and exploring and taking pictures. I might even sing you some camp songs if you don’t ask.  Just don’t ask me about surfing.   Because that’s racist. 

Hello Regis University.  My name is Helen.  All I gotta say is “Go Nebraska”.  I love my home state of Nebraska.  Here at OAP I have fallen in love with the outdoors as well.  I have been introduced to so many new activities since coming to Regis and I have my work at OAP to thank for it.  If you want to come with me on adventures then come be a part of OAP as well. 

Hey, my name is Time “Climbing” Cooney, lol my middle name isn’t actually climbing but it is danger. Anyways I love to climb, ski, and go backpacking whenever I am given the opportunity. Look out for my trips if you want to come climb with me, I’m always down to climb with someone new. I’m actually a ski instructor in the winters and love backcountry everything. If you see me around I am probably day dreaming of some kind of outdoor activity. Or talking about it. Or doing it. It’s my life really. To be a master rock climber, you have to be on time.  Always.  And don’t sleep through your office hours.  You should probably write that down.  You should probably also go buy some climbing shoes so you can come climb this weekend.  And general warning to all:  DO NOT hike behind me.  Something is funky with my digestion… I fart a lot… and it’s bad.  My mom buys me air fresheners for Christmas.

Hi guys, my name is Hannah Cheney, or Channah HeneySome call me the raccoon because I will eat anything and everything! But only if it’s vegan.  I am the regular trash can on trips and will snag all you leftover fruits, veggies, PB, pasta, and anything else that’s not an animal product.  I only eat products of the sun!  Because I’m a hippie, a child of the earth. That’s why I work for OAP.  Being outside, hiking or running or skiing gets me closer to the outdoors and closer to my mother, Nature.  I also live in Boulder. That should tell you something.  See ya on the trails!

Hey folks, I’m GRAKKKKK.  I am from the beautiful land of Cleveland, Ohhhiiiiiooooo.  When I’m not hiking the highest peaks or rafting the sickest rapids, you’ll find me around the fire telling the funniest stories that I swear are true!  When I’m not in the outdoors… I’m always in the outdoors!  I don’t believe in “housing” or “rent” so I just pitch my tent wherever I’m feeling that day!  So, if you’re wandering around campus one morning and you see my tent, please don’t come say hi, I need my sleep too.  I love showing everyone the outdoors and can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Hey all, I’m Molly!  I am from the wonderful river town of Kansas City.  Ok, so maybe it’s not so much a town as a large, smelly city… but I love it none the less.  My favorite outdoor activity?  Sleeping in the most difficult places possible!  I once slept in the highest tree in Missouri, upside down.  I had a bit of a headache in the morning but it was totally worth it!!!  I love the outdoors more than anything and am so excited to help you all experience my biggest passion.

Students who wish to submit an appeal for lost, damaged or late fees may do so by completing the form below.

The form must be submitted to the Coordinator of Wellness and Recreation within 20 days of the date your equipment was due back. After 20 days, if you have not appealed the charges or submitted payment to Wellness and Recreation, your student account will be charged and no appeals will be accepted.