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Every writer is a work in progress.

From brainstorming ideas to polishing your final draft, the Writing Center is here to support you. Become a stronger, more confident writer by working with a writing consultant at any point in the writing process.

Located in Clarke Hall, Room 241 on the Lowell campus, the Writing Center offers all Regis University students writing assistance through in-person and web-based writing consultations. Although in-person writing consultants may be available for drop-in appointments, we strongly encourage making an appointment whenever possible.

What We Do

At Regis University's Writing Center, our main goal is to foster sustainable growth in student writers. We encourage students to become more confident in their writing by giving them tools to recognize their strengths and address their concerns.

At the Writing Center, we also understand that students and faculty have expectations for the final written product. We provide resources for writers to learn proper grammar and usage, and coach writers in methods for proofreading final drafts. Although we cannot guarantee a perfect piece of writing, we offer the necessary support to significantly improve a student's writing skills.

Who We Are

Kathy Goodkin came to Regis University Writing Center and Tutoring Services in January, 2012. Along with her work as Director, she has the pleasure of teaching first-year writing and peer tutoring courses. Kathy holds an MFA in Creative Writing from George Mason University, where she taught composition, literature, and peer tutoring courses, served as Acting Director of the writing center and Editor of the literary magazine Phoebe.

Ameeta Scott joined Regis University as writing center coordinator in September, 2013. Writing tutoring and public relations comprise the core of her professional career. She thrives on diversity, exchange of though, and all things writing center-related. She is a firm believer in the role writing centers can play in the academic journey of student-writers.

Our writing consultant team consists of a combination of faculty-nominated student writers, professional writing coaches, and administrative Writing Center staff. All of our consultants have a passion for helping others improve their writing. They receive training on an ongoing basis to keep up to date on writing center best practices.

What a Writing Consultation is Like

When you schedule a writing consultation, here's what you can expect:
  • Consultants will introduce themselves and/or greet students.
  • Consultants will ask students what they are working on and what they need help with.
  • Consultants will ask students for assignments/rubrics and anything else necessary for the session.
  • Consultants and students will read the paper together.
  • Consultants will encourage students to be active participants in the writing process.
  • In a single session, consultants will focus on one or two major and minor concerns with students.
  • With regard to sentence level errors, consultants will not correct every mistake in students’ papers; rather, they will focus on error patterns and work to empower students to correct their own mistakes.
Writing Center consultants are available to students from all programs. To work with a Writing Center consultant, please create an appointment through our online scheduler.

Writing Consulting Opportunities for Regis Students

To become a writing consultant, a candidate must have work-study employment, be recommended by two faculty members, submit a writing sample and interview with the Writing Center director. All potential consultants must take a training course that teaches them methods for listening to and collaborating with writers. To inquire about writing consultant opportunities, please email writingcenter@regis.edu.


Our space is open for studying during the traditional semester Monday to Wednesday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Thursdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Fridays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Writing Center has computers and a printer for students to work independently.

Hours and location for writing appointments vary by day.

We are available to walk-ins, but highly recommend appointments to ensure availability. Schedule an appointment with our online scheduler.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, concerns, requests, complaints or compliments, contact:

Ameeta Scott
Writing Center Coordinator

As a valued member of our learning community, please be aware that logging into our online scheduler constitutes your acknowledgment of the following rights and responsibilities.
  1. You have the right to be treated with respect by our staff, writing consultants and tutors.
  2. You have the responsibility to treat staff, writing consultants, tutors and other community members with respect. Disrespectful language or inappropriate behavior will result in the suspension of privileges.
  3. Any Regis University student, faculty, or staff member is welcome to make as many appointments as he/she would like, up to a limit of 60 minutes a day or 180 minutes per week.
  4. If you cannot attend a scheduled appointment, you must cancel it ahead of time. You can cancel an appointment at any time by logging into your online scheduler account or by calling 303.964.6591.
  5. If you do not show up for three appointments without notifying us ahead of time, your Tutoring Services and Writing Center privileges will be suspended for the semester.
  6. If you are more than five minutes late for an appointment and you do not notify us ahead of time, your appointment may be granted to another person.
  7. Please bring everything you can think of that will help your tutor help you gain the most from your session. This includes, and is not limited to, your assignment and/or rubric, textbook(s), research literature, writing tools and, of course, your undivided attention and willing participation.


We offer free Academic Success Workshops for all Regis University students. The workshops are an opportunity for students to learn how to manage a variety of academic and professional writing issues.


Along with the Writing Center’s web-based appointments, all Regis University students have access to 10 free hours per year of online writing assistance through Smarthinking, an online tutoring service.


The Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) offers searchable, up-to-date information on most components of academic and professional writing.


Document Formats

Annotated Bibliographies

APA Print

APA Non-Print

APA Levels of Head

American Sociological Association (ASA)

ASA Sample First Page


MLA Print

MLA Non-Print

MLA Footnotes and Endnotes

Résumé Checklist

Turabian (Footnote)

Turabian (Parenthetical)

Grammar and Usage


Pronoun Reference

Sentence Fragments

Identifying Sentence Fragments

Effective Sentences

Essay Definitions

Needless Words & Phrases


Beginning an Essay

Creating an Outline

Effective Sentences

Logical Fallacies


Thesis Statements


How do I make an appointment with the Writing Center?

To make an appointment with the Writing Center, you just need to create an account in our online scheduler. All accounts and appointments are FREE! To create you account, visit the online scheduler and follow the instructions.

See a Visual Guide to the Online Scheduler

Do I need to have an account to make an appointment?

Yes, just visit our online scheduler and follow the instructions to create one.

See a Visual Guide to the Online Scheduler

How do I schedule an in-person appointment?

Use our online scheduler to schedule an in-person appointment with the Writing Center.

See a Visual Guide to the Online Scheduler

Where will my in-person appointment take place?

  • On weekdays, your in-person appointment will take place in the Writing Center.
  • Sunday appointments with Michael Garcia take place in The Learning Commons.
  • All other weekend in-person appointments take place in the Regis University Library on the Lowell campus. Meet your writing consultant in Room 201 to the left of the library’s front entrance.

What is an eTutoring appointment? How do I schedule one?

During a web-based eTutoring session, you upload your paper and assignment/rubric and you receive writing feedback at a later time. You can retrieve your feedback from the online scheduler at the end of your eTutoring appointment.

Use our online scheduler to schedule an eTutoring appointment.

Instructions for Retrieving Your Feedback

Instructions for Making a Web-based Appointment

What if my draft isn't ready when I schedule an eTutoring appointment?

If your draft isn’t ready at the time you are scheduling an eTutoring appointment, please mail it to ascott003@regis.edu and writingcenter@regis.edu by or before your appointment.

How is an online appointment different from eTutoring? How do I schedule one?

During an online appointment you chat live with a writing consultant at a specified time.

Use our online scheduler to schedule an online appointment.

See a Visual Guide to the Online Scheduler

Instructions for Making a Web-based Appointment

How do I cancel an appointment?

To cancel an appointment, please go to the online scheduler. After you have logged in, you can cancel or reschedule any existing appointments. You may also cancel appointments by calling 303.964.6591.

Who can use the Writing Center?

Any Regis University student, faculty, staff member or alumni can use the Writing Center.

How many appointments can I make per day or per week?

The Writing Center limits appointments to 60 minutes a day or 180 minutes per week.

How long is a writing appointment?

In-person writing appointments are a half hour or one hour long. Web-based appointments are one hour.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring everything you can think of that will help you and your tutor get the most from your session. This includes, and is not limited to, your assignment and/or rubric, textbook(s), research literature, writing tools and, of course, your undivided attention and willing participation.

Where is the Writing Center located?

Tutoring Services and the Writing Center are located in The Learning Commons in Clarke Hall, Room 241. Clarke is the first building to the right of Entrance 1.

Physical address:
3333 Regis Boulevard
Denver, CO 80221

Directions, parking and a map of the campus

When is the Writing Center open?

For independent study during the traditional semester, the Writing Center is open Monday to Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Fridays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Appointments at the Writing Center vary by day. Please check the online scheduler for specific information.

What resources does the Writing Center offer?

The Writing Center offers:
  • A welcoming and supportive space
  • Attentive and experienced staff
  • One-to-one and group sessions in various subjects (see online scheduler)
  • A spacious common area
  • Sizeable study rooms
  • Comfortable seating arrangements
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Whiteboards
  • Reference books
  • Handouts

Writing Center Mythbusters

MYTH: I need to have something written to go to the Writing Center (WC).

FACT: The WC can help with every stage of writing. You can come to the WC at the very beginning of the writing process–to understand your assignment, to brainstorm ideas, to formulate a thesis, to outline your essay, to familiarize yourself with formatting and citation styles, etc.

MYTH: I need to have a finished product to go to the WC.

FACT: The WC can help with every stage of writing. If you feel stuck during the process, we will work with you to overcome those writers’ blocks by asking you guiding questions, exploring your ideas, and helping you put those thoughts down on paper.

MYTH: The WC is only good for checking grammar and punctuation.

FACT: The WC can help with every stage of writing, so we are well-equipped to work with you on organizing your paper, structuring paragraphs, expanding and developing ideas, encouraging you to write clearly and specifically, ensuring you are responding to your assignment, etc.

MYTH: The WC sounds like a service meant only for traditional age students.

FACT: The WC is a welcoming, supportive, and professional space for ALL RU students. At the WC we work with students and from all undergraduate and graduate programs and from all walks of life. We enjoy the diversity our clientele bring.

MYTH: I can drop my paper off at the Writing Center and return to pick it up.

FACT: Since the Writing Center is not a proofreading or editing service, students cannot drop off their papers with consultants and return to pick them up later.

MYTH: I am a good writer, and I don’t need any outside feedback.

FACT: The WC offers you a fresh, unbiased perspective to review your work objectively. Seize the opportunity to have another set of eyes help you check for vagueness, specificity, repetition, redundancy, awkward phrasing, wordiness, word choice, formatting and citation standards, etc.

MYTH: The WC will fix my paper and make it perfect.

FACT: The role of any credible WC is not to whip out proofreading glasses and editing pens and correct every single mistake in a paper, but to help you, the student, to gain confidence and sharpen your writing and thinking skills.