Specialization Learning Teaching

Specialization Learning Teaching

The Specialization Learning Teaching

Specialization Learning Teaching

Degree Overview

This specialization expands the teachers’ literacies, both personally and professionally, in a broad range of content that is directly applicable to the classroom. The program is based on current research about effective curricula and how to create the optimal learning environment for students of all areas.

Learning and Teaching Support Seminar. This small group meets throughout the duration of the program. Candidates are expected to participate fully in seminars every semester they are active in the program. Candidates must register for the Support Seminar the semester in which they take their CAP Review.

Learn more about graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed this program and other important information regarding gainful employment for the current academic year.

Program Requirements

Total Master of Arts in Education: Learning and Teaching Degree Requirements

Core Component Requirements 22 SH
Learning and Teaching Support Seminar 2-4 SH
Strategy Strand/Elective Requirements 4-6 SH