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Regis University’s Secondary Education Licensure (Non-Degree) program is designed for learners who already hold a bachelor's and/or master's degree and are seeking initial teacher licensure in Secondary Education in Colorado or Wyoming. Note: Per Wyoming PTSB requirements, Wyoming Regis students must pass the Colorado required licensure exams in order to qualify for licensure in Wyoming.
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Secondary Education Initial Licensure

Overview of Teacher Licensure

The initial teacher licensure in Secondary Education program is designed for those who want to make a difference in adolescents' lives, grades 7-12, who would like to become licensed in the state of Colorado or Wyoming. Our Teacher Education program is nationally approved through the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).

Our Teacher Education program is based on the philosophy that learning to be a teacher is best accomplished when an understanding of theory and practice is balanced by the knowledge gained through diverse experience in schools. Foundational courses will introduce you to theories in education. Content (subject area) courses will ensure that you have the depth of knowledge needed to teach in your endorsement area. Your professional sequence courses will emphasize field placement and experiential learning and your student teaching semester will be your final culmination in applying what you have learned.

Regis University's teacher licensure program develops educational leaders who improve and transform society. The curriculum emphasizes four distinctive areas:

  • Jesuit ideals including serving others, striving for excellence and reflective practice
  • Service learning integrated into every program, integrating theory with practical application
  • Curriculum focused on developing teachers who are data literate and able think critically
  • Instructional technology embedded into every course to help teachers inspire a deeper level of learning among their students

Once accepted into the teacher licensure program, a student is assigned a faculty advisor. The advisor determines a student's individual needs and establishes the required licensure course work.

Total Secondary Education Initial Licensure Requirements: 42 Credit Hours

Secondary Education Endorsement Areas

In addition to the foundational course requirements, each Secondary Endorsement area has curriculum respective to that area. Students will work with their academic advisor to determine the courses needed to fulfill the additional requirements for their endorsement area:

  • Business
  • English
  • Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish)*
  • Math*
  • Science*
  • Social Studies

*Students seeking licensure in Secondary Foreign Language, Math or Science must enter the program with a completed bachelor’s degree in the respective area.

Program Requirements

Course Requirements

EDFD 601 Educational Foundations (3 credit hours)
EDFD 600 Philosophical Foundations of Education (3 credit hours)
EDFD 630 Educational Psychology (3 credit hours)
EDES 603 Equity, Ethics and Social Justice in Education (3 credit hours)
EDSP 620 Universal Design for Learning: A Framework for Teaching and Learning (3 credit hours)
EDEL 670 Effective Learning Environments (3 credit hours)
EDRG 644 Teaching Reading and Writing (3 credit hours)
EDSC 652 Reading and Writing in the Content Area (3 credit hours)
EDSC 661-669 Methods of Teaching Secondary in the Content Area (3 credit hours)
EDSC 650 Assessment of Learning for Secondary (3 credit hours)
EDSC 690 Student Teaching (10 credit hours)
EDFD 697 Professionalism in Education (2 credit hours)


Please note that recent course requirement updates may not be reflected in the list above and you should contact an admissions counselor at 800.944.7667 for recent changes and updates.

How to Apply

Take the next step in your Regis experience and connect with a Regis admissions counselor for information and assistance.

Apply Now!

Your admissions counselor will help evaluate your prior learning credit, provide information regarding financial aid and tuition assistance, recommend courses and help you get started with the application process.

Applicants seeking teacher licensure from the College for Professional Studies must possess a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Materials Needed for Application and Admission:

  1. Complete the online non-degree application
  2. Pay the $50.00 application fee. The fee is waived if you have applied to Regis previously or if you are a Regis graduate.
  3. Minimum overall GPA of 2.5 from all previously attended colleges and universities
  4. Request official transcripts from accredited institutions that you have previously attended. Download the transcript request form. Official transcripts are those that come directly from one college or university to another college or university. Official transcripts must be received no later than 30 days after the date of application. If not received, course registrations will be suspended.
  5. Three years of full-time work experience after high school preferred
  6. Oath and Consent form. Download the oath and consent form.
  7. Two recommendation forms, or one recommendation form and one observation form
  8. Criminal background check: Applicants must have a $45 background check in order to complete their online application. View and print the instructions and disqualifying offenses documents to get started.
  9. Once registered in your first course, a $90 Task Stream fee will be applied toward your tuition. This fee is eligible for financial aid. Task Stream creates a webfolio where all evaluations, projects, papers and field hours are tracked in once place, which can be provided as a link to principals when you apply for teaching positions.
  10. Additional admission requirements apply to international students who are non-U.S. citizens.

Please remember: Applications that are incomplete and/or missing information will NOT be processed.

Application Deadlines*

Term Class Start Application Deadline
Fall 2015 August 24, 2015 July 27, 2015

*Your application file including all requirements, documents and fees, must be completed by the application deadline.


2014-2015 Academic Year Tuition: Effective Fall 2014

Course Format Estimated Total Program Cost Credit Hours Required Cost per Credit Hour Estimated Fees for Program
Classroom $20,025 42 $475 $75
Online $20,025 42 $475 $75

2015-2016 Academic Year Tuition: Effective Fall 2015

Course Format Estimated Total Program Cost Credit Hours Required Cost per Credit Hour Estimated Fees for Program
Classroom $20,025 42 $475 $75
Online $20,025 42 $475 $75

Directed study costs $475 per credit hour.

Please note: Additional fees may apply to students. Please contact an admissions counselor at 800.944.7667 for information.