Our Purpose - SEEK MORE.TM

True to Jesuit ideals, “Seek More” clearly articulates the true purpose and value of a college education. More than just earning a livelihood, a college education should ignite in students a hunger to seek knowledge, ask questions and embrace the life long quest to do and become more.

“Seek More” challenges us to see beyond the immediate gratification of a college degree. At the heart of a values-driven, faith-based education is the expectation that we will strive towards leading engaged, fulfilling lives in service of others. It is best summed up in the belief that you can never learn or serve too much.

“Seek More” is also a call-to-action. It is not enough to live in the world. There is a need to participate in its evolution. What lies at the core of an engaged education is the commitment to change the world for the better.

“Seek” connects to Regis University’s bold vision of providing holistic and experiential learning centered on transforming lives and forming leaders in the Jesuit tradition.

“More” affirms Regis University’s adherence to the magis, the restless desire and pursuit of the common and greater good in scholarship, service and (social) justice.

“Seek More” provides Regis University with a clear, distinctive and credible value proposition that reflects its brand promise – ideals in action.