Enhancing Wellness Where We Live, Work and Learn

Cultivate Health is a healthy-living cooperative project on a 17.5-acre site in northwest Denver that aims to unite the university and a private development team (Urban Ventures and Perry Rose) in a unique partnership with adjacent neighborhood residents to promote health in the environments in which we live, work and learn.

The goal of Cultivate Health is to support the health and wellness of residents living in the multi-generational, mixed-income community within the four-census-tracts adjacent to Regis University. This project will create infrastructure and programming that promote an active lifestyle, increase access to healthy food and offer integrated health care services.

Regis University was awarded a major grant to further fuel an effort aimed at promoting health and improving community connections in northwest Denver, an area that lags behind in the growth and development seen in other vital areas of the metro area.

The nearly $1 million grant from the Colorado Health Foundation is supporting the Cultivate Health project in its efforts to collectively impact health by building places, social connectivity, physical activities, improved food access and health care to promote health for all in the neighborhoods.

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