Workday Retreat-Colorado Springs Campus

  • Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Location: Colorado Springs Rm 101
  • Organization: CPS Office of the Dean

How about a refresher? Every once in a while we all need to be inspired, encouraged, refocused, and reconnected. Come join Sister Peg and the Colorado Springs Campus for the Workday Retreat.

Who: Sister Peggy Maloney, University Missions and Religious Studies Faculty
What: A rekindling of the spirit
When: Thursday, November14th, 4-5:30pm
Where: Colorado Springs Campus, Room 101

Please RSVP to cscampus@regis.edu.
This event is open to the community.

Scheduling Contacts

Athletics 303.458.3591
Chapel 303.964.3661
Event Services 303.458.4143
Extension Campuses 303.458.4126
Library 303.458.4031