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Rhodes Scholar, Will Gohl, credits his academic success to Regis' personal attention and mission-based education

Will Gohl, RC ’10, is making the most out of his Regis University education. In 2010, Gohl was one of 83 students internationally to receive the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. The scholarship led him to the University of Oxford where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence with First Class Honours in July 2012. 

Gohl feels that one of the most valuable aspects of his Regis education was the countless hours he spent in professors’ offices outside of class. These interactions dispelled the intimidation that some students naturally feel in a collegiate setting, inspired a love for academia and became the foundation for lifelong relationships with various members of the Regis faculty.

“I chose Regis because of its size, which provided both the one-on-one interaction with faculty I sought in a university, as well as the accessibility of extracurricular opportunities that I feared wouldn’t be present in larger state universities,” says Gohl. “I was also intrigued by the University’s mission, and felt inspired to take on the challenge of considering how I should live and how a university education might prepare me for my vocation.”

Gohl plans to attend law school in fall 2013, with the goal of pursuing a legal career that serves the public sector, either in prosecution or public defense.

When asked how Regis University prepared him for his study at Oxford, Gohl said, “The broad answer to this question is that Regis instructed me in how I might be a man for others…I did my best to be that man in Oxford, and I intend to be that man in the next stage of my life.”

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