Personal experiences help Mariette Mealor's career soar to new heights

Personal experience can be the greatest teacher. Mariette Mealor has experienced adventures of which most can only dream. Mariette was born in Indonesia, traveled the world as a flight attendant and lived in places such as the United Arab Emirates and Nome, Alaska.

Today, Mariette works in the business development office at the White Sands Missile Range in Las Cruces, N.M. Her ultimate ambition is to attain a leadership position at her current location or within one of the many other Department of Defense facilities. In order to reach this goal, she is now learning from the personal experiences of her professors and fellow classmates in the Master of Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program at Regis University.

“I originally enrolled to an MBA program at a local university, but something didn’t quite feel right,” Mariette said. “The program matter made it seem like I was there to simply earn a piece of paper.”

At the recommendation of a colleague, Mariette looked into Regis and found herself attracted to its high rankings in online programs as well as its reputation of being military friendly.

“Regis has an awesome body of professors,” she said. “They so avidly teach with their own professional experience that it almost feels like I gained the first-hand experience myself.”

Mariette also appreciates learning from the diverse perspectives of her classmates who come from various backgrounds and work in several different industries.

Even though Mariette is earning her degree from the comfort of her home, she is confident her experience at Regis will allow her to take her career to new heights.

“A Regis degree is not a mail-order degree,” Mariette says. “The MSOL program from Regis University is the perfect degree to ensure I have the right tools and knowledge to become an effective leader.”

Learn how the Regis MSOL program can take your career to new heights.