Matt Fete in chemistry lab

Pharmacy Faculty Matt Fete Excels in the Classroom and the Field

On any given day, five-to-seven students can be found crowded around a small table in Matt Fete’s office, laboring through an acid-base equation. Fete, an assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences, holds additional office hours, sometimes in a classroom, specifically to help students with this concept.

For Fete, this type of team-based learning is a way of life. He teaches chemistry, advises pharmacy students and supervises a research group. Fete is also the head coach for Regis’ men’s club lacrosse team.

“I’ve had jobs where I’ve worked pretty hard,” says Fete. “I don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard as I work at Matt Fete in chemistry labRegis, but I love just about 100 percent of what I do here.”

Fete came to Regis after working in a start-up company and teaching at the University of Colorado. He sought a smaller liberal arts environment where he could build relationships with students. Fete, a former college lacrosse player, also looked for a place where he could be involved with a team.    

“Having a faculty member as a coach means that he understands academics come first and lacrosse comes after that,” says Margie Rodgers, assistant director, Department of Wellness and Recreation. “Coach Fete gets the mission of Regis University. He's a leader and a mentor to the students and he pushes player development on and off the field.”

Fete assumed the role of head coach in September and is looking forward to the spring season. He hopes the team can build on its successes next fall and make the playoffs.

“Coaching and teaching keep me incredibly busy,” says Fete, “but I couldn’t imagine living my life any other way.”

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