Despite challenges Marina Pshichenko seizes opportunity to make good on her college dream

Sometimes all you need is an opportunity. It’s why Marina Pshichenko’s father moved his family from Ukraine to the United States. He wanted his children to have better opportunities. He wanted his daughter to be able to go to college, something that would have been impossible in their home country.

For many years, that dream still looked like a long shot. Marina’s parents each worked three jobs and barely made ends meet. In high school, Marina worked 40 hours a week at fast food restaurants. She managed to keep her grades up, but college didn’t feel like a real possibility. When Marina’s father passed away unexpectedly, the door seemed to close completely.  

Then opportunity came knocking. Marina won a student of the year award her senior year and her story made its way to the Daniels Fund – a charitable organization dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential. Not long after that, Marina became a Daniels Scholar, which meant that her college education and expenses would be covered in full.

Marina chose Regis because of its commitment to the personal support of each student. For her, professors embody that spirit. “Regis is really a family. I know my professors personally and they know me. They care about me and genuinely want to help me reach my goals.”  

Marina is a biochemistry major and has minors in biology and religious studies. It’s a rigorous academic program, but she meets it with the determination of someone who understands what is at stake. She will be the first in her family to receive a bachelor’s degree and the first in her family to make good on their father’s dream.

This year Marina also begins the process of applying to medical schools. She hopes to become a pediatrician or family doctor, a career that will allow her to give back to people in need.

“Sometimes you just need a little push, you need someone to help you out, to give you an opportunity.”

Marina knows a thing or two about that. 

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