Elizabeth Thaibinh’s foundation, Wildflower Home, is helping single mothers and their families in Thailand

Improving the lives of others is an ambitious calling. It is a calling that led Elizabeth Lachowsky Thaibinh to Thailand as a Catholic missioner and inspired her and her husband to establish a shelter for single mothers in crisis.

Wildflower Home provides shelter, education, health and other services to young, single mothers with the goal of helping them achieve self-sufficiency. The majority of these women come from economically poor hill tribes and experience discrimination in Thai society.

Elizabeth ThaibinhIn addition to directing Wildflower Home, Elizabeth is studying for her Master of Nonprofit Management at Regis University’s College for Professional Studies. This program allows her to interact with classmates from halfway around the world without interrupting her everyday life as a wife, mother and nonprofit director. “I love the Jesuit spirit,” Elizabeth said. “The program at Regis is in line with my own values and enforces my desire to work with those on the fringes of society.”

With the hopes of eventually returning to the United States, Elizabeth is applying her studies to develop a strong foundation and structure for the Wildflower Home that the local people can carry on.

“My experience founding and directing Wildflower Home along with the skills I’m gaining in my  master’s program will help me be an even stronger leader for my next career,” Elizabeth said. “I don’t know what my future holds, but with my own convictions and the help of this degree, I am confident I will be ready for it.”

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