English major classroom 

Students honored at national conference for their outstanding work

Most English departments are lucky to have one or two students chosen to read at the annual National Undergraduate Literature Conference. This year, Regis University had 13.  

“This honor speaks to the special commitment our students have toward excellence in the discipline,” said Dr. Mark Bruhn, professor of English. “And this conference is an opportunity for them to continue their growth as writers and literary scholars.”

Held at Weber State University in Utah from April 4-7, the conference welcomed literature students and professors from across the country.   

“The experience of reading my essay out loud to a group of intelligent and interested individuals made my work come alive,” said senior Jennie Babcock. “As I read, I became more and more passionate about my piece and the points I was trying to get across. Even more than the reading, the question and answer periodEnglish major classroom afterward, and having to address some difficult questions about my work, pushed my thinking on my topic and has encouraged me to revise my piece.”

Passionate students like Jennie are the heart of Regis’ thriving English program. And the faculty has worked hard to create a personal learning environment that is designed to help each student succeed. The department is currently home to 75 majors and a very active English club.

“What I love most about the English department is the sense of community,” said senior Kaitlyn Medina. “That's part of why it was so great to travel with other students from Regis. We are all friends and most of us have read each other's work prior to the conference. Of course, I also love that we're getting such an excellent education, and that was evident at the conference, too.”

Great community. Great department. Great success.

Join a supportive community of learners and achieve great things.