Physical Therapy students serve and learn in Ethiopia

“Students are hungry for global learning,” says Jeremy Lee, director of the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions Center for Service Learning. Regis gives them opportunities to satisfy that hunger.

The Ethiopia Intercultural Service Learning program is an immersive four-week experience that puts physical therapy (PT) students on the ground in a global classroom. Students hone their skills through actual clinical practice, working side by side with Ethiopian physical therapists. Students also learn about the state of health care in a global context by visiting with local aid and development agencies, including long-term partner Project Mercy.  

Prior to departing for this immersion, students participate in an intensive global health elective that sets the stage for the journey. Once on the ground, students see Ethiopia with their own eyes and hear the stories of its people. This real life experience animates their education in a way that cannot be replicated in the classroom. Developing relationships with local people often propels students to make an even greater commitment to global service and development. 

“These clinical experiences encourage students to go beyond academics,” says Associate Professor Cheryl Footer. “You want to give more, do more, be more.”

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