Grow your future under the care of Professor Damien Thompson

“One of the responsibilities of a professor is to meet students where they are and find ways to inspire them,” says Dr. Damien Thompson, associate professor of sociology in Regis College. For the past five years, Thompson has been doing just that.

“Most of us work here because of the students,” Thompson says. “I try really hard to cultivate good relationships by being myself and letting them know that they can be themselves around me.” 

He believes this comfort level correlates to success, and relishes the opportunity to help students grow. “For me, it’s not about the grades. That’s really not what I’m interested in from an educational standpoint. It’s really about their growth as individuals.”

That growth is fostered in part by the Regis community, which continually pushes students, faculty and staff to ask the question, “How ought I to live?” Thompson echoes that challenge in his classes, asking students to consider how they might impact the world. And he inspires by example. He is on the board of Green Leaf Denver, an organization that helps young people develop leadership skills through urban agriculture. Thompson also works with the Grow Haus, an indoor, urban farm dedicated to food justice.

Damien Thompson is committed to the growth of his students and the flourishing of a just society. He gets to cultivate both of these passions at Regis University.    

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