Daniel Ott  

Diverse perspectives to aid Daniel Ott in quest to improve mental health care

Daniel Ott followed his passions, even when they took him in seemingly different directions. With one foot planted in the sciences and one in the humanities, Ott says he knows his decision will pay dividends for his future and, he hopes, for many others.

“You can really see problems and solutions from two sides,” said the senior philosophy and neuroscience major.

That’s the kind of perspective that is needed to overcome a major national problem: shifting the way Americans think about and approach mental health care and erasing the stigma that’s preventing progress. Daniel wants to be among those working toward a solution.

The St. Louis native traces his interests in philosophy to his high school years, while he credits an introductory psychology course at Regis for getting him hooked on neuroscience. He gained some hands-on experiences along the way like working in a campus research lab studying depression, and spending a semester studying abroad in Switzerland where he worked in a cognitive neuroscience lab. He points to advisors like Tom Bowie, director of the Honors Program, and Tom Howe, program associate director, for helping him figure out how to meld his interests and determine where he could make an impact.

Daniel has his sights set on medical school, but in time, he said. He first wants to consider pursuing a master’s degree or gathering more research experience.

Long-term, Daniel sees himself balancing clinical work and research, striving to treat the whole person and putting his dual perspectives to use making significant strides in improving mental health care.

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