How much do you really know about the Ranger?

Regis University’s mascot has been the Ranger since 1921. But the mascot has surprisingly never had a name, according to record books, until now. More than 450 name submissions were entered in the Name the Ranger contest and Ashley Karl, a junior communication major, offered up the winning idea. Read on to learn all about our favorite forest ranger.

Name:  Roamin’. Doesn’t it sound great? It alludes to my background as a forest ranger, a job that calls for being on the move constantly to uphold the law and protect the environment. It is also a nod to Regis University’s history of movement, first from Las Vegas, N.M., where it was founded in 1877, to Morrison, Colo., to the main campus’ present day location in north Denver.

Birthday: Nov. 1, 1921. But I’ve been told I’m young at heart.

Favorite sports: Baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball and volleyball, in no particular order.

Hat size: No comment.

Well, what’s your take on Pharrell’s infamous hat then? It is a fine hat. Not necessarily suitable for riding in the back country, but a fine hat nonetheless. It seems to make him “happy.”

What do you love most about Regis? OK, serious moment. Regis is my family; there’s a genuine sense of community. Everyone here is accepted, valued and encouraged.

Who was the last person to inspire you? Hands down, my answer is Daisy Walsh, who was made an honorary member of the women’s lacrosse team this spring. This exceptional 7-year-old is bravely battling brain cancer and everyone can learn something from her strength and positive attitude.

What do you do for fun? When I’m not attending Regis Athletics events, I love shooting some hoops with Fr. Fitzgibbons (I’m helping him on those free throws). I also like getting away to the mountains since they’re so close and I really enjoy time in the great outdoors.

Favorite foods:  I’m a man of eclectic tastes, but some items that top my list: Finals Breakfast bacon, a good bell pepper from the community garden, Claver Hall sushi and cotton candy from the “Cotton Candy Man” (aka CPS Professor Don Lindley). Also, you can never go wrong with a game day hot dog.

#RangerUp and see all that Regis Athletics have to offer.