Kerri Butler grew her wedding planning company
with an MBA from Regis

Planning a wedding can be stressful. But does it need to be? Kerri Butler doesn’t think so. In fact, she chose the name A Touch of Bliss for her company because she wanted to remind couples that planning a wedding can be “fun, stress free and even blissful!”

Butler began planning weddings in 1999 and rebranded her company as A Touch of Bliss in 2003. Since then, the Denver-based company has grown from a one-woman operation to the largest wedding planning company in the state. In 2010, Butler launched a complementary event planning firm called Bliss Event Studio.

Butler credits her MBA from Regis University with helping grow her business. “My experience at Regis was fantastic. One of my marketing analysis classes decided to take on my company as a project. I implemented most of the online marketing plan that was developed by my group in that class. It was great to have working professionals from all walks of life and backgrounds contributing to my company’s future path!”

That future looks very bright. For now, Butler is enjoying the variety of her work. On any given day, she might help vision a couple’s mountain top wedding or help a nonprofit decrease the cost of its event, while increasing press exposure. She also tastes wedding cakes and discusses event design. Through these things, she helps people transform their dreams into realities.

If you’re looking for someone to help plan your dream wedding, minus the stress, try Kerri Butler. And if you’re looking for a degree to help grow your dream business, try Regis University.

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