Professor Kleier conducting a alpine plant study in New Zealand

Professor Catherine Kleier aims to bring Fulbright lessons back to the classroom

Dr. Catherine Kleier, associate professor of biology in Regis College, is taking her study of alpine plants to new heights. Kleier was accepted into the core Fulbright Scholar Program, a prestigious opportunity to conduct research abroad. Kleier will study species of alpine cushion plants found only in New Zealand and teach global plant conservation at the University of Otago in Dunedin. Her studies, which began in January 2013, focus on how the plants are adapting to climate changes and elevation.

“The evolutionary relations between plants are fascinating. We absolutely need plants, and the studies of them can be applied to everyday life,” Kleier said.

Kleier credits the values-centered culture at Regis as the reason for her enriched love of the sciences – ecology in particular.

“The development of the whole person has resonated with me during my Fulbright preparation and confirms my commitment to make an impact on the students in the classroom,” she said.

Students in Kleier’s courses are applying their learned skills through grant writing and environmental assessments, which evaluate the positive or negative impact a proposed project has on the environment.

Kleier’s passion lies in the collegiality of Regis – how everyone treats each other, how faculty and staff respect the students and how the students respect the faculty and staff. Kleier believes that through Regis’ Jesuit education and values, she’s not just teaching students about ecology, she’s teaching students how to live purposeful lives.

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