Your collegiate experience begins with a great campus

Ten minutes from a world-class downtown and 20 from the Rocky Mountains, Regis University’s Lowell campus offers students the best of both worlds.

 “I like how accessible downtown Denver is,” says Shannon Hayes, a history and peace and justice studies major. “I can easily take a bus from campus to Coors Field. I feel so connected to Denver’s social life.”

Besides convenience, Regis’ location also helps students make inroads into the community. “Regis is very involved in the area, so there are always opportunities to get connected,” says nursing student Tess Orino.  Service learning, for example, offers students practical training plus a chance to embrace Regis’ Jesuit mission.

Then there are the mountains. Visible from campus, the Rockies offer hiking, skiing and mountain biking right in Regis’ backyard. “I go to the mountains almost every weekend,” says biology major Grant Robbins. “It’s a time to relax and prepare for the week.”

Students enjoy downtime on campus as well. Over 300 days of sunshine annually makes being outside comfortable year-round. “Sometimes before class I’ll sit in the shade of a tree and just enjoy being in such a quiet, reflective space,” says Eve Williams, a graduate student in the Global Nonprofit Leadership program. “It is a really special place.”

Don’t take Eve’s word for it. Come see for yourself.