Five reasons to pursue higher education in the Mile High City

Thinking about attending college in the Mile High City? Here are five reasons you should study in Denver.

Weather or Not 
People who don’t live in Denver think it snows year-round here. But the truth is that Denver gets more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Winters are mild, and unlike in the mountains, any snow we do get melts quickly. In other words, bring your sunblock because you will be studying outside. 

Networkin’ It
Denver is a thriving international city and that means plenty of opportunities for internships and networking. Good connections during college are essential to landing that first great job. 

Check it Outdoors
Some things can’t be taught in a classroom. Colorado offers some of the best outdoor learning experiences in the country. Hiking, skiing, camping and rock climbing are all a short drive from the city. 

You Are Very Welcome
Moving to a new place can be scary. But don’t worry – you won’t be alone. According to a recent survey, Denver is one of the hottest destinations for young people. Denverites are welcoming and open, so you’ll make new friends quickly both on campus and off. 

Cultural Norms
Want to learn Spanish? Want to experience east African food? Want to take in a musical or documentary film? Good news. Denver has you covered.   

Enjoy all that Denver has to offer at Regis University.