Group of students in a corn maze  

Regis University students grow the sustainability movement on campus

Students make Regis University what it is. And over the last few years, Regis’ environmentally conscious students have made the North Denver (Lowell) Campus noticeably greener. An impressive community garden, robust recycling program and the installation of water coolers in buildings to cut down on plastic usage are just a few of the student initiatives that have lessened Regis’ ecological footprint.

“More and more students are interested in sustainability,” said Caroline Locke, a Regis College senior and director of the Regis University Student Government Association’s Sustainability Committee. Sixty new students signed up to be involved in her committee this year, the most of any student group on campus.

Bolstered by this enthusiasm, Caroline’s committee is working on a variety of educational programs, Student working on the community garden including campaigns on recycling, energy conservation and the benefits of public transportation. The Go Outside Initiative is a new effort that offers students opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, while also focusing on the importance of conservation. “In order to get people motivated about the environment, they need to be immersed in it, which is why we are getting students outside to experience the amazing natural beauty of Colorado,” she said.

Students affected by programs like these often become change agents, bringing their passion and energy for environmental issues to bear on the campus community and the world. They plant gardens, preach recycling and invest in water coolers. But most importantly, they remind the University of what it means to live the Jesuit mandate of conscientious stewardship. 

Join the growing community of Regis students dedicated to conscientious living.