Close up of Eclair the service dog

Regis physical therapy students raise service puppy

Dr. Wendy Anemaet is a certified “puppy raiser” with Canine Companions and has long been involved with service dogs. This year, she and eight Regis physical therapy students are team-raising Éclair, a yellow lab.

Anemaet, assistant professor of physical therapy, saw the project as a unique way for students to better understand their future patients.

“It’s great for students to know what goes in to training a service dog and what a service dog can do for a patient,” she said. “I also thought it was a wonderful way for them to give back to their patients.”Eclair the service dog with Physical Therapy students

Éclair arrived on campus in July 2012 at 8 weeks old. She will be with the physical therapy department until November. The students on “Team Éclair” take her overnight and during the day, work on commands with her, and accompany her to puppy class. Éclair also goes with the Regis students to their classes.

Anemaet hopes that this service training experience can expand in the years to come, with both nursing and pharmacy students raising service puppies, too.

“Éclair helps us be more interdisciplinary,” Anemaet said. “It’s easy to get in your own silo. Éclair breaks those barriers because everybody wants to meet her and see what she’s all about. The main reason we’re doing this is to give back to people with disabilities and, in doing so, we’re also creating a stronger sense of community on campus.”

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