Committed to Achievement

The Commitment Program provides first-year students with a learning community that, through academic support, individualized advising, and service-learning opportunities, empowers them to work towards achieving their academic goals and to develop skills integral to academic success.

Since 1976, the program has provided academic support and individualized advising to motivated first-year students who demonstrate an engagement with their learning and the Regis community, a commitment to academic success and service, and a willingness to use university resources.

The Commitment Program offers motivated students a rich and rewarding network of support. Students in the program regularly meet with advisors, peer writing mentors, and teaching assistants, and participate in activities designed to build community, both on campus and in the communities of Denver surrounding our campus.

Commitment students are emerging learners, motivated not so much by grades as by curiosity and the belief that through dedication and hard work, one can improve. Flexible in their thinking, Commitment students reflect on their learning and work diligently to hone their skills and deepen their educational experiences. Students in the program choose to be members of a community of peers who share common values and support one another in their academic goals. They care about their communities and work to make a difference.

Students in the program demonstrate…

•an engagement with their learning and the Regis community.
•a commitment to academic success and service.
•a belief that through hard work and dedication one can improve.
•a willingness to use available resources.
•a dedication to their peers in the program.

Commitment Program Courses

Students enroll in a series of courses their first year designed to strengthen their academic skills, introduce them to the Jesuit mission, and guide them as they navigate the transition from high school to college. All program courses count toward graduation from Regis.

RCC 200A and RCC 200B: Writing Analytically
A year-long course, this writing-intensive seminar focuses on critical reading, thinking and writing, and serves as an orientation to college life.

LS 201 and LS 202: Critical Reading and Study Skills I & II
These one-credit courses focus on the development and mastery of skills related to comprehending and analyzing college-level texts. They also assist students in the development of effective study strategies.

LS 103: Math Learning Strategies
This optional one-credit course provides help for students with learning difficulties in the areas of mathematics and science. It emphasizes better self-understanding as learners in these disciplines and enables students to select and employ appropriate and effective learning/study strategies.

PC 232 and PC 233: In the Service of Others
In collaboration with the Center for Service Learning, this year-long course provides opportunities for students to experience, analyze, and reflect upon the intellectual and spiritual benefits of service.

Student Requirements

•Students must remain in the program for two semesters and make regular use of the program's support systems.

•Students must maintain satisfactory academic and behavioral standards, earning a C or better in all program courses.

•Students must abide by the Regis University Handbook of Student Conduct.