Committed to Achievement

The Commitment Program provides academic support to approximately 45 freshmen each year. Students accepted into the program display motivation and the ability to succeed in college even though they do not meet entrance requirements. The program offers these students a series of credit-bearing learning support courses, specialized advising, mentors and tutors, a skills-learning library and study rooms.

Regis University's Commitment Program provides academic support to dedicated students who may not have met the University's entrance scores. The program asks students to participate in community service projects in one of the following areas:

Commitment students also participate in the annual Father Woody Wrap Party where they package donated gifts that are given out at the annual Father Woody Christmas Party. They also attend Governor's Holocaust Remembrance Program and the Gerard Manley Hopkins Conference.

Various other Commitment programs and events allow students to experience the vibrant cultural life of Denver and discover restaurants and coffee houses. The program anchors its students’ freshman year in college, offering an intense and rewarding network of support from staff, alumni and upperclassmen mentors.

Commitment Program goals

The goal of the program is to provide a means for motivated and committed students to enter college even if their test scores and/or grades do not meet some Regis admission requirements. We offer academic support and individualized advising to enable students to develop the analytical skills integral to academic success.

By creating a a vibrant community of scholars united in living the twin Jesuit missions cura personalis, care of the whole person, and learning which reflects the Ignation vision of educating in the service of others, the program aims to students who, in character, citizenship and vocation exhibit leadership for the common good.

Commitment Program Courses

RCC 200A and RCC 200B (Freshman Writing Seminars) 
Designed to improve competency in reading, writing and discussion of academic texts

LS 201 (Reading Development) 
Develops analytical reading skills

LS 203 (Math Learning Strategies) 
Provides extra help in math

LS 230 (Writing Workshop I)
Provides additional support in composition

LS 231 (Writing Workshop)
One-credit course focusing on research methods while supporting the writing assigned in CCS 200B

Student Requirements

  • Students remain in the Program for two semesters
  • Students must maintain satisfactory academic and behavioral standards, earning a “C" in program courses
  • Students must compete weekly service projects, attend Friday Forum, participate in special events and programs, and make regular use of the program's support systems
  • Students must abide by the Regis University Handbook of Student Conduct