Professional Bio


  • Degree., Subject, School, Year
  • Degree, Subject, School, Year


  • List course taught (if faculty would like)

 <insert short biographical blurb here - theme focused on philosophy behind your teaching style or the educational process as a whole. Also a good place to include highlights of including past academic/professional experience, professional memberships, educational preparation (those experiences NOT leading directly to a degree), etc. Limit to 750 words>

Download Curriculum Vitae

<The ability to have a PDF downloadable CV will allow faculty to list ALL the information they want, but still create a webpage that is clean, easily navigable and user-freindly.>

    Certifications & Expertise

    Clinical Expertise

    • type of expertise 1
    • type of expertise 2 

    Professional Memberships

    • Group belonged to, title such as President but NOT the word "Member", dates if included

    <This tab can be customized by school. For RHCHP it will include Clinical Expertise, Professional Memberships and additional similar qualifications. For Regis College, it could just be Expertise or the Creative Work option.>

        Research & Scholarship

        Research Interests

        List of interests/ or two-three sentence outline of interests, single spaced

        Select Publications

        <Faculty to submit their publications, presentations, books, articles, etc. in the formatting applicable to their field (APA, MLA, etc.). Marketing & Communications will not reformat this list but will post as is submitted by faculty. Subheadings can be added for any applicable section including (but not limited to) recent presentations, recent posters, recent conferences, etc.>


        Awards & Recognition

        • Award name, Awarding body, Amount (if applicable), Year

        <Awards will be listed in reverse chronological order, newest to oldest. Subheads can be added if the faculty member would prefer to distinguish between types of awards.>

        Community Involvement & Service

        • Type of service, Organization volunteered through, year

        <List in reverse chronological order. Subheads can be added if the faculty member would prefer to distinguish between types of service. >