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Please use the form below to request event promotion through the Regis University Office of Student Activities. You may submit events, announcements, slides, text for the Student Center marquee or event posters.

Events and programs (not meetings) sponsored by student organizations and Regis University will be given priority placement. The Office of Student Activities does not guarantee that every program, event, or activity for which a request is received will be posted.

Image and file submission

We encourage you to submit a photo or PDF flyer of your event that can be posted with your event information.

Please send all graphic, slide or PDF files (.jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf, .ppt) as email attachments to The maximum file size is 4MB. Please specify the event name or announcement that corresponds to your image or file.

Event Details

Event Date

Please include the building, room and street address.

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Requested Post Date

NOTE: Post date must be at least 3 business days from today's date, and no more than 2 weeks before an event date.

Submission Type

You may select more than one type of submission.
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Please be concise and keep language short for the most effective social media marketing. The number of characters in your announcement is limited to 140.

Regis University offers a slideshow that can be viewed in the Main Café of the Student Center Monday through Friday, 11:30 AM to 7PM, through lunch and dinner services.

To have your slides displayed, send a request to All slideshow submissions must include the date, time, name/title and location of the event.

Slides should be saved in .PPT, .JPG or .PNG format and submitted by the Wednesday prior to the week of the specified event. Slides have a maximum character limit of 300 (including titles, subtitles, cutlines on photographs, etc).

The slideshow is finalized every Monday morning and remains the same for the rest of the week. Please ensure that your slides are submitted no later than the Friday before the week of your event.

Marquee Details

The Regis Student Center Marquee is located on the east-facing wall outside of the Student Center entrance. Its purpose is to enhance the quality of student life through increased communication about programs, events, and activities.

Only on-campus programs, events, and activities of significant interest to the general student population will be posted on the marquee.

Marquee postings appear on four separate lines, with a 17-character limit for each line. Please enter your marquee information in the fields below (you may have less than 17 characters in each line).

Poster Details

Please bring materials for posting to the Office of Student Activities, located on the second level of the Student Center, Room 200. We accept up to 12 posters for on-campus events and five (5) posters for off-campus events with a maximum size of 11 x 17." An additional four (4) posters can be taken to the Office of Residence Life for posting in the residence halls.

Posters may be brought in up to two (2) weeks before the advertised event and no later than three (3) days before event date. All materials will be posted within three (3) days of being dropped off. Posters will stay up for a maximum of two (2) weeks, or until the event has passed, whichever occurs first.