Enrich Your Education Experience

Intercultural Immersion Programs allow students in the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, thereby gaining a better understanding of and an appreciation for cultural differences. These experiences highlight the importance of cultural competence in health care fields and allow students to address important issues at the intersection of health care, culture, and poverty in domestic and international settings.

During these immersion opportunities, students develop their capacity to listen and learn from people whose voices are often not heard. Thus, the goal of intercultural immersion is not simply to experience and gain a deeper understanding of the voices of the marginalized in society, but rather to learn about inequitable systems and gain the tools through which the structures of society can be challenged and changed.

Intercultural service learning experiences are guided by the following core philosophy objectives:

  • Develop the analytic skills necessary to understand the relationship of power and privilege in contemporary society
  • Cultivate students who respect and embrace ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Instill a stronger concern for the poor, marginalized and the oppressed which leads to action
  • Participate and lead in an increasingly interconnected global society
  • Strive to create a learning environment that celebrates differences, values the uniqueness of individuals and instills a passion for justice for all people