RN to M.S. in Nursing: Education or Management Focus

Regis University's RN to M.S. in Nursing program combines the RN to BSN Completion and Master of Science in Nursing programs into a single curriculum, putting you on a fast track to earning both a BSN and Master of Science in Nursing degree. This RN bridge program is offered online or on campus.
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RN to M.S. in Nursing: Education or Management Focus

Degree Overview

Set your sights on your ultimate goal, and advance quickly to the BSN and the MS in Nursing degree. This program allows students to complete three graduate level courses in the BSN portion of the curriculum which provides a head start in the Master of Science program.

After completion of the BSN portion of the program, you will continue to complete classes for your master’s degree in the same format as the BSN coursework. Within the master’s portion of the program, you will complete graduate level nursing courses along with courses in a chosen focus area – education or management.

The Education focus includes teaching and learning theory, curriculum development and evaluation. The Management focus entails course work in leadership development, financial management, current legal and economic requirements and industry trends. Both focus options include practicum experiences that total 210 hours providing you with an opportunity to apply theory in authentic health care management or education environments.

Learn How Your Past Education Counts

We’re giving credit where credit is due! The Loretto Heights School of Nursing has approved a credit transfer policy aimed to ensure RNs with an associate’s degree are given the maximum amount of credit possible. Here’s how it works - if you graduated from a regionally accredited institution, completed an ADN program requiring a minimum of 72 semester hours, and have a current license, you’re eligible for a lump sum transfer of at least 72 semester hours. If your ADN program consisted of more than 72 semester hours, additional credit may be awarded. This equates to fewer non-nursing courses, saving you even more time and money!

Various core studies courses are not included in the block transfer policy. These courses include: three semester hours (SH) of philosophy; six SH of religious studies; three SH of statistics; three SH of upper division electives; and a minimum of eight SH of lower division electives. If you’ve already completed any of these courses, we’ll review for transfer credit on a course-by-course basis.

Applicants with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing from a non-regionally accredited school, from programs that required less than 72 semester hours, and from diploma RN programs will be awarded 33 hours for RN licensure as guided by the Colorado Articulation Model. All previously completed non-nursing courses will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

Degree: Graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) upon completion of the BSN portion of the program, and the Master of Science, Nursing with a focus in either education or management upon completion of the entire program.

RN to MSN Online Option: Our online RN to MSN program’s flexible format allows you to log in anytime, day or night as you complete weekly assignments. Each class lasts 8 weeks allowing you to progress quickly. No campus visits are required for RN to MSN online students, but we encourage you to celebrate your graduation in person!

Campus Blended Option: Our campus based RN bridge program blends classroom and online courses, which allows you great convenience, but also personal contact and guidance. Students typically alternate each week spending one week in class, and the next online. Classes typically meet one evening every-other-week from 5:00PM – 9:00PM, and online content can be completed at anytime that is convenient during the alternate week. The eight-week terms allow you to progress quickly toward your degrees while continuing to work.

Start Dates: Spring (January), Summer (May), Fall (August)

Application Deadline: Regis University's RN to M.S. in Nursing program has a rolling admission deadline; we accept applications up to the start date of the program. Course size is limited, so it is best to submit applications sooner than later.

Length of Program: The curriculum can be completed in approximately 24 - 36 months.

Next Step: Call us (303.458.4344) or email and we’ll walk you through your next steps to get started.

Program Requirements

Listed below are the required courses for the RN to Master of Science (MS) in Nursing program at Regis University. The total degree requires a total of 158-161 (depending on Management or Education focus) semester hours which includes all core studies requirements, 33 semester hours awarded in accordance with the provisions of the Colorado Articulation Model and RN licensure, RN to BSN major coursework, and the Master of Science Degree in Nursing coursework completed during the program at Regis University.

Students earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) upon completion of the BSN requirements.  Students earn a Master of Science (MS) in Nursing degree upon successful completion of the Master of Science (MS) in Nursing requirements. Three graduate level courses are included in the BSN portion of the program providing a cost and time savings.

Core Studies Requirements
English Composition 3 semester hours
Literature/Humanities/Oral and Written Communication 6 semester hours
Economics/Business 3 semester hours
General Psychology 3 semester hours
Developmental or Child Psychology 3 semester hours
Sociology 3 semester hours
Philosophy 3 semester hours
Religious Studies 6 semester hours
Introduction to Statistics 3 semester hours
Microbiology 4 semester hours
Human Anatomy & Physiology 8 semester hours
General Electives 14 semester hours
Upper Division Elective 3 semester hours

Core studies requirements listed above may be taken at any regionally accredited institution. Advanced Placement, CLEP and Dantes tests are accepted for core study course work. Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology must be completed prior to starting the program. All other core study requirements can be completed simultaneously with the major requirements. 

Let us evaluate your prior college transcripts to determine which requirements you have fulfilled per your prior coursework, including your RN studies.

RN to BSN Major Requirements
NR 444R Professional Role Development (3 semester hours)
NR 448R Updates in Illness and Disease Management (3 semester hours)
NR 452R Contemporary Topics in Health Care (3 semester hours)
NR 455R Health Promotion Concepts (3 semester hours)
NR 460R Evidence Based Practice in Nursing (3 semester hours)
NR 466R Community Health Nursing (3 semester hours)
NR 478R Community Health Nursing Practicum (3 semester hours)
HCE 604 Ethics for Nurse Leaders* (3 semester hours)
NR 600 Advanced Nursing Practice: Leadership and Theoretical Frameworks* (3 semester hours)
NR 485R Leadership in Nursing Capstone (3 semester hours)
NR 620 Health Care Organizations and Systems Leadership* (3 semester hours)

* This graduate level course is completed in the BSN portion of the RN to Master of Science (MS) in Nursing program and fulfills both BSN and Master of Science (MS) in Nursing degree requirements.

Students are awarded a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) after successfully completing all requirements listed above (128 semester hours) and then continue in the Master of Science (MS) in Nursing requirements listed below.

Master of Science in Nursing Major Requirements
NR 602 Adv. Apps. of Research for Evidence-Based Practice (3 semester hours)
NR 608 Health Care Policy (3 semester hours)
NR 609 Population Health and Interprofessional Collaboration (3 semester hours)
NR 614 Foundations of Financial Management for Nursing Leaders (3 semester hours)
NR 646 Teaching and Learning Strategies in Health Care (3 semester hours)
NR 699 Comprehensive Evaluation (0 semester hours)

Students select either the Education focus or the Management focus noted below. Interested in both the Education and Management focus areas? You can complete a dual focus by first completing the Management focus, and then the Graduate Certificate in Health Care Education.

Education Focus Requirements
NR 630 Advanced Health Assessment of the Patient and Family (3 semester hours)
NR 607 Advanced Pharmacology for Advanced Practice (3 semester hours)
NR 605 Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan (3 semester hours)
NR 647 Curriculum Development (3 semester hours)
NR 648 Evaluation Methods in Health Care Education (3 semester hours)
NR 623F Leadership in Health Care Systems Practicum (3 semester hours)
Management Focus Requirements
NR 615 Advanced Financial Management for Nursing Leaders (3 semester hours)
NR 603 Informatics (3 semester hours)
NR 621 Advanced Management Principles and Practice (3 semester hours)
NR 623E Leadership in Health Care Systems Practicum (3 semester hours)
Graduate Elective Select Elective Options (3 semester hours)

A minimum of 30 semester hours for the baccalaureate degree and 24 semester hours for the master’s degree must be completed through Regis University.

Please note that recent course requirement updates may not be reflected in the list above. For further information contact the Office of Admissions at 303.458.4344.


Regis University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association.

Commission URL: http://www.ncahlc.org
Commission Phone: 312-263-0456

The baccalaureate degree in nursing/master's degree in nursing leadership and nurse practitioner/Doctor of Nursing Practice and/or post-graduate APRN certificate at Regis University-Loretto Heights School of Nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 887-6791. www.aacn.nche.edu/ccne-accreditation.

Fall 2014-Summer 2015

Undergraduate Tuition (per semester hour) $535
Graduate Tuition (per semester hour) $620
Other Fees
Application Fee $40
Background Check and Drug Screen (external agency fee) $105
Graduation Application Fee $50

All campus based nursing students are required to have a laptop for access to web based content during class. This includes all RN to MS in Nursing campus-based students. Please see FAQs for laptop hardware and software requirements.

Online RN to MS in Nursing students can review our system requirements for online courses here.


General Questions

What is the application deadline?
Regis University's RN to MS in Nursing program has a rolling admission deadline; we accept applications up to the start date of the program but recommend applying sooner than later.

What are the prerequisites for the program?
The admissions requirements include a current unrestricted and unencumbered professional RN license, completion of an associate’s degree nursing program or diploma nursing program from an accredited institution, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above, have completed Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology and have less than 36 outstanding non-nursing semester hours. Applicants not meeting the minimum requirements will be considered on an individual basis and should contact an admission counselor directly prior to applying at bsn@regis.edu.

How long do I have to complete my degree?
RN to MS in Nursing students have a total of 6 years to complete all degree requirements.

How long does it typically take to complete the program?
The required RN to MS in Nursing curriculum can be completed in approximately 24 - 36 months.

When do the classes meet?
If you choose to complete the program on campus, courses meet one evening per week, from 5:30-9:30. Online students have the flexibility to complete weekly assignments asynchronously (i.e. no pre-determined login times).

Will I have an Academic Advisor?
Yes, once you start class you will be assigned an academic advisor. Your assigned advisor will work with you throughout the entire program and will be available via email and phone. Their primary role is to help you with course sequencing, to ensure you are meeting all degree requirements, to answer general questions and provide support.

Can I take more than one class in an 8-week term?
New students are only allowed to take one course during their first 8-week term. If a grade of A- or better is earned in this course, students are allowed to register for additional courses during the following terms if they desire.

Frequently Asked Questions - Campus-Based Students

Are students required to have laptops for the RN to MS in Nursing campus-based program?
Yes. All campus based nursing students, including RN to MS in Nursing campus-based students, are required to bring a laptop to class.

  • Recommended screen size: 13 inches or greater
  • Required Wi-Fi compatible
  • Required Operating system: Windows: XP or higher, Mac: OS X 1o.5.8 or higher
  • Required memory: minimum 1GB
  • Required hard disk space: minimum 60GB
  • Required battery: minimum 2 hour life, recommended 4 hours or higher
  • Recommended backup battery: minimum 2 hour life, recommended 4 hours or higher

  • MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint (recommend MS Office)
  • Browser: most recent version of IE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser
  • Adobe Reader, Flash, APA template
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Online Students

    Do I have to be online at a certain time each day/week?
    You are not held to any specific online class times throughout the day or week. As long as you are completing your assignments by the assigned due date, you can log in at a time that is best for you.

    How do I hand in assignments, submit tests and receive feedback?
    Assignments and tests in online courses are submitted electronically (as e-mail attachments) and may be posted on the site. The faculty member or the syllabus generally specifies how a given assignment or test is to be submitted; the goals of the course usually dictate the most appropriate method. Assignments often are submitted as discussion postings. The faculty member's feedback is typically given in an individual e-mail or through written comments to the student. This varies from one course to another.

    Am I required to visit campus?
    While campus visits are not required, students are welcome to visit our beautiful campus in Denver, CO.

    Can I attend commencement?
    We welcome and encourage all online students to participate in the commencement ceremony upon completion of graduation requirements.

    What if I take time off (vacation, summer)?
    You are encouraged to take a class each eight-week term, but we also understand that many students are busy adults who need to take time away from classes. It's important that you speak with your online academic advisor to let them know your plans.

    How do I purchase textbooks?
    Textbooks can be purchased online and are mailed directly to you, or purchased on campus in the bookstore. Instructions to purchase textbooks will be sent once you are registered for your first course.

    What if I have computer related issues, is there someone available to help?
    Yes, our Information Technology Services Department (ITS) help center is open
    Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM MST and Saturday - Sunday 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM MST.

    I am a College Network customer; do I have to complete all of my study guides and tests prior to starting the nursing classes?
    No, in fact, we recommend that you start an online nursing class as soon as possible. The reason being; if you are like the majority of our MS in Nursing students it's been a while since you've been in school. Starting back with a structured online course where you will have the support of classmates and an instructor can be very helpful. Having weekly assignments, a set syllabus and essentially being 'forced' to keep up makes a huge difference in re-establishing study habits and developing a routine for going back to school. The unstructured and self study nature of the TCN study guides (CLM's) can sometimes make getting back into the school mind set a little more difficult. We see that many our students have a much easier time completing the CLM's once they taken a few online courses and established the balance of going back to school.

    How to Apply

    Take the next step in your Regis experience and start your application today. Your first step is to create an account, a simple and quick form to get you started.

    Get detailed application instructions, and transfer credit information.

    Attend an information session or webinar.

    You can email your admission counselor with questions at healthcare@regis.edu.