In 2015, the Regis University Assessment Committee (UAC) was formed with representatives from the five colleges, the library, co-curricular, and operational units with the task of collecting assessment activities from across the University, create a culture of assessment throughout the university, and provide training related to assessment.

Unit Area
Chair Robert Haight
RHCHP Instructional
Vice-Chair Melissa Auringer
OCPD Co-Curricular
Vice-Chair Vivianne Johnston ITS Operational
Robert Mason
CCIS Instructional
Member Donald Archer
CCIS Instructional
Member Carole Hruskocy
Diversity Co-Curricular
Member Liz Grassi RC  Instructional
Member Thomas Lonneman-Doroff
RHCHP Instructional
Member Erin McCaffrey
Member John Sakulich
RC Instructional
Member Eugene Wilkerson ACB Instructional
Member Brian Engel
UAR Operational
Member  Max Sotak CCLS Instructional
Member Chris Roberts CSRE Operational
Member Jean Schroeder
RHCHP Instructional
Member Kelly McLaughlin Athletics
Member Angela Speer CCLS Instructional
Ex-officio Shannon Reed
CETL Co-Curricular
Ex-officio Janna Oakes
Office of the Provost