Frequently Asked Questions

Bon Appetit at Regis University provides Dining Services to students


Can I change or cancel my meal plan?

The deadline to make meal plan changes for the fall 2018 semester is September 4, 2018 at 5 p.m. MTN.

The deadline to make changes for the spring 2019 semester is January 22, 2019 at 5 p.m. MTN.

After these deadlines, no changes are permitted; however, declining balance dollars may be added at any time by visiting the Bon Appétit office in the Main Café or by calling 303.458.4196 x1 or x6. 

Students are welcome to upgrade their meal plan at any time during a semester.

What is a meal equivalency?

If you have Plan A or Plan B, you have either 4 or 2 meal equivalencies respectively per week that can be used at Ranger Zone Grill and Ranger Express Station; however, if you do not use your equivalencies during that week, they do not roll over.

Students must inform a cashier when their meal equivalency is going to be used. Otherwise, it will be deducted from their flexible spending dollars and the charge cannot be reversed.

Meal equivalency swipes cannot be used for retail products, bottled beverages or grab-and-go food. Students are allotted $6.25 for breakfast and $9.25 for lunch and dinner.

Students are not obligated to use meal equivalencies if they prefer to eat in the Main Café for every meal.

What happens if I don’t use up my entire meal plan?

Swipes for all plans and declining balance dollars expire at the end of each semester. Any existing balances will be forfeited. For the spring term, students will be re-enrolled in the same meal plan they had in the fall.  

What if I have a food allergy or dietary restriction?

Students need to schedule an appointment with the Bon Appetit General Manager, Letina Leix to discuss their food allergies or dietary restrictions and develop custom dining plans. 303.458.4196 x1

Where can I use flexible spending dollars?

Flexible spending dollars can be used at Ranger Zone Grill, Ranger Express Station and to swipe friends/family in to enjoy a meal in the Main Café/Student Center. Flexible spending dollars may be added, but only to an existing meal plan. Flexible spending dollar balances and meal swipes do not transfer to the following semester/year. Flexible spending dollars are not accepted in the Ranger Station FanZone.