Frequently Asked Questions

Bon Appetit at Regis University provides Dining Services to students


Which meal plan is right for me?

When choosing a meal plan, it's important to consider how you like to eat. In a busy college life, students often spend a little more on retail items than they first expect. After years of gathering data on how students eat, we've learned they typically do not eat three meals a day, seven days a week, on campus. So, Regis University meal plans are built to reflect the real-life behaviors of students. The majority of students will find that Meal Plan B will provide enough purchasing power to meet their needs. The list below will help students determine if they should select Meal Plan A instead.

Do you:

- Plan on rarely missing a meal on campus during the typical week?
- Have a hearty appetite?
- Have increased caloric needs due to significant exercise, sports, or metabolism?
- Plan to stay on campus during semester breaks when meals are offered?
- Tend to snack between meals or late at night?
- Enjoy espresso drinks on a daily basis?
- Expect to stock up at the market for trips away from campus?
- Tend to seek out more expensive dishes such as wild Pacific salmon and sushi?
- Have specific food preferences which will make the cost of each meal higher?

Why don't my flex dollars equal the cost of the meal plan?

The cost of a meal plan supports dining services in two ways. One portion supports Regis' building maintenance and equipment. Students spend the remaining portion as flex dollars which cover the cost of food, food preparation, and other service costs.

Is my meal plan useable during holidays or breaks?

Flex dollars can be used during the academic year only. Meal plans are not active during winter, spring or summer breaks. Only students who withdraw are eligible for a refund or reduction or their meal plan charges. Please review the college refund policy.

Can I change or cancel my meal plan?

The deadline to make meal plan changes for the fall 2019 semester is September 3, 2019 at 5p.m. MTN.

The deadline to make changes for the spring 2019 semester is January 21, 2020 at 5 p.m. MTN.

After these deadlines, no changes are permitted; however, declining additional flex dollars may be added at any time by visiting the Bon Appétit office in the Main Café or by calling 303.458.6691 x1 or x6. 

Students are welcome to upgrade their meal plan at any time during a semester.

What happens if I don't use up all of my flex dollars?

Flex dollars for the fall semester will roll over to the spring and all flex dollars will expire at the end of the Academic year.

What if I have a food allergy or dietary restriction?

Students need to schedule an appointment with the Bon Appetit General Manager to discuss their food allergies or dietary restrictions and develop custom dining plans. 303.458.4196 x1

Where can I use flex dollars?

Flex dollars can be used at the Main Cafe, Ranger Zone Grill, Ranger Express Station, Walker's Pub, and the Express Station at Walker's Pub. Flex dollars may be added, but only to an existing meal plan.

Do my flex dollars work at the Clarke Hall Fanzone?

Unfortunately, it does not work at the Clarke Fan zone. The average price of a latte is less expensive than any regular Starbucks location. They have really quick and inexpensive breakfast and lunch to go items. All major credit cards are accepted. 

Can I use my Flex Dollars to buy beer and wine at Walker's Pub?

Unfortunately you cannot use Flex Dollars to buy beer or wine at Walker's Pub. However, you can purchase appetizers and pizzas with Flex Dollars.