A Meal Plan for Every Appetite

Bon Appetit at Regis University in Denver, Colorado provides Dining Services to students

Whether you're living on campus, commuting from home or just want to grab an occasional bite, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Regis’ on campus dining options: 



Number of Meal Swipes

Flexible Spending



19 swipes/week (including 4 meal equivalencies)




12 swipes/week
(including 2 meal equivalencies)


C (not available for first-year students)


95 swipes/ semester


Commuter Only


30 swipes/ semester


*RangerStation FanZone is cash/check only. Meal plans are not eligible at this location.*

Meal Plan Breakdown

If you choose Plan A or B, you can use your swipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Main Café or meal equivalencies at the Ranger Station Grill or Ranger Station Express. Swipes are only valid for your meals and cannot be used on friends or family. All first-year students living on campus must choose between Plans A and B. 

Plan C, available to all students except first-year students, allows you to use your swipes on friends and family members. Plans A, B and C will automatically renew at the start of each semester.  

The Commuter Only plan is exclusively for commuter students, however, if you’re a commuter student, you can also choose from Plans A, B or C. The Commuter Only plan allows you to use your swipes for friends and family members. This plan will not automatically renew and you must sign up for it each semester.

Meal Plan Equivalencies

Meal equivalencies can be used at either the Ranger Station Grill or Ranger Station Express . When using a meal equivalency, you must inform the cashier or the cost will be deducted from your flexible spending account. If you do not use your weekly meal equivalencies, they will not roll over to the following week.

Students are allotted the equivalency of $6.25 for breakfast and $9.25 for lunch or dinner. Meal equivalencies cannot be used for retail purchases, bottled beverages or grab-and-go options.