Study abroad is a strategic opportunity. Ask yourself: 

- What do I want to get out of the study abroad experience? 

- How will a semester abroad help me develop academically, intellectually, or professionally?

- When should I plan to go abroad? (Fall semester of your Junior year is recommended)

A semester abroad can offer you:

1. Foreign Language Acquisition

Kate Penick studied French in Morocco

Sofi Torres studied German in Berlin

Lindsie Potts studied Italian in Italy

2. Further training in your field

Allison Karpala studied Healthcare in Costa Rica 

Rio Pedersen studied sustainable marketing and business in Chile

Ethan Lockshin studied Media and Journalism in Thailand

Garrett Jones studied venomous animals and animal physiology in Ghana

3. A new academic subject to complement your on-campus study

Courses that may not relate directly to your major or minor subject, but that will nevertheless complement or supplement your intellectual or professional growth. 

Jared Salas (Biology major) studied International Finance and Marketing in Spain

Meghan Davenport  (Health Exercise Science major) studied History and Anthropology in Austria

Catherine Vergil (Biochemistry major) studied Literature and History in Ireland

Brayden Weninger (Communications major) studied Immigration and Environmental Ethics in Italy