Matteo Ricci Award

Regis University hosts an annual Global Engagement Colloquium, which showcases the experiences and insights that Regis students have gained abroad. Student presenters compete for the Matteo Ricci award for the best presentation. Recipients are chosen by a panel of Regis University faculty and deans.

Brittany Truong received the 2017 Matteo Ricci Award for her presentation, “From the Genetics Lab to the Rainforest.”

Nicholas Broncucia was given an Honorable Mention for his reflective presentation, “Encounter as Revolutionary Travel: Experiencing Cuba and the Cuban People.”

2017 Global Engagement Colloquium Schedule

2017 Global Engagement Colloquium Schedule

Academics in an Immersive Context

  • Allison Karpala, Rigidity Unraveled (Costa Rica)
  • Jeannette Bouchard and Audra Wilson, Breaking Bread (Cambodia)
  • Brittany Truong, From the Genetics Lab to the Rainforest (Costa Rica)

Discovering Inspiration Abroad

  • Garrett Jones, An American Abroad: Identity and Community (Ghana)
  • KC Moore, Humans and Monkeys in Costa Rica: the Bond Between (Costa Rica)
  • Nicholas Broncucia, Encounter as Revolutionary Travel: Experiencing Cuba and the Cuban People (Cuba)

Shifting Perspectives on Place, Perception, Pace, and Privilege

  • Natasha Hill, Czech your Chatter at the Tram Door (Czech Republic)
  • Thy Nguyen, Poverty in Perspective (Cambodia)
  • Naomi Sellers, A Sense of Place Found in the Changing and the In-Between (Japan)
  • Celeste Linders, How To: La Joie de Vivre (France)

2016 Global Engagement Colloquium Schedule

2016 Global Engagement Colloquium Schedule


Cross-Cultural Encounters  

  • Tristan Gomez, Two Cultures, One Goal: An Insight into Chinese-American Cultural Exchange (China)
  • Rebecca Reints, Seeing the United States through a Costa Rican Influence (Costa Rica)
  • Kristine Luong, Intercultural Competence with a Little Bit of Gratitude (Vietnam)

Service and Privilege  

  • Hannah McGrew and Whitney Rawlings, Health and Service: A Global Perspective (Nicaragua, Panama)
  • Elliot Connall, Privilege vs Privilege (Philippines)
  • Lovelace Twumasi-Ankrah, Voluntourism: Deconstructing the Idea of "One for One” (Ethiopia)

Self Discovery Abroad

  • Ahmani Noble, You Should be Here: Life in that (un)Comfortable area outside the Comfort Zone (Peru)
  • Karim Sanchez-Pasillas, A Different Place and a Newfound Perspective (Costa Rica)
  • Emily Villasenor, Don’t Hide from Life (Spain)

THURSDAY, March 10

Experiential Learning Abroad

  • Nathaniel Pryor, Enlightenment in the Jungle (Costa Rica)
  • Mitchell Fisher, Fusolab: An Opportunity of a Lifetime (Italy)
  • Jack Ritter and Matt Barton, A Reflection on Costa Rica 2014-2015 (Costa Rica)

Study Abroad and Personal Inspiration

  • Adele Philips, Ah Sure It'll Be Grand: the Value of Self-Sufficiency (Ireland)
  • Pat Johnson, Take the Leap (New Zealand)