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Living Off Campus

Off-campus housing listings, a roommate finder, and a message board can now be found at  Regis’s Off-Campus Housing Service:

More information and tips about things to consider in your search for housing off-campus are included in the Finding Housing Off Campus handout.

After you’ve found housing off-campus, it’s time to sign a lease and move in. Some helpful tips and things to look for can be found in the Signing a Lease and Moving In handout.

Being a Good Neighbor

One aspect of moving off campus is living in a different type of environment than what you did when you lived in a residence hall. You may have non-student neighbors and a lawn to mow. It’s important to be a good neighbor when living off campus:
  • Recognize that you are a part of diverse neighborhood, including other students, families with young children, working professionals, and older neighbors.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Share your contact information with them so they can contact you first to resolve any issues or concerns (before they call the policy or the University) and so they can keep an eye on your place when you may be away for breaks.
  • Show the same amount of respect to your neighbors and the neighborhood that you expect them to show you the night before a big exam.
  • Identify and establish boundaries in the neighborhood, including with noise, parking, and garbage removal.
  • If you have a party, let your neighbors know ahead of time. After the party, clean up after any guests who leave behind litter or other messes, even if it’s not your property.
More information about being a good neighbor can be found in the Be a Good Neighbor handout.

Commuter Student Resources

Check out resources for commuter students hoping to stay engaged with Regis University.


Have questions or want more information about living off campus? Contact Matthew Sullivan, Director of Student Conduct and Off-Campus Community at or at 303.458.4086.