Before You Arrive

Activate your RegisNET account

Your RegisNET account gives you access to most computing resources at Regis University, including the student information system (WebAdvisor), email, wired and wireless Internet and free software downloads. 

Once enrolled you will be provided a username and a seven digit ID. A RegisNET account is created and from the WebAdvisor page change your password by selecting "Change my password".  It is advisable to create a strong password and change it frequently to lessen the likelihood of your RegisNet account becoming compromised.  We would recommend that you do not use the same password for your Regis account as you do for your banking account, Twitter, Facebook, etc. accounts. Don’t share your password with others.  Regis University will NEVER ask for your RegisNet username or password or any other sensitive information via email.

Check Regis email regularly

Don’t miss out on important information! The University only uses Regis email addresses when sending official communications to students via email (e.g., Information Technology Services (ITS) correspondence, enrollment updates, financial aid, policy announcements and academic information). 

Pack your computer

If you are bringing your computer to campus, the ITS Department recommends that it meet these specifications:

  • Processor – A current generation AMD or Intel processor (AMD: Athlon or Phenom) (Intel: Core 2, Quad Core, i3, i5 or i7)
  • Memory –  4GB minimum for 32 bit operating systems, 8GB minimum for 64 bit operating systems
  • Hard Drive – 250 GB hard drive
  • Operating System – A currently supported version (Apple OSX, Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10)
  • Confirm your notebook computer has a wireless adapter. Most laptops have one built-in. Confirm your desktop computer has an Ethernet card. Most modern desktop computers have one built-in.

Get free Microsoft Office Professional Plus

Take advantage of Microsoft’s Student Advantage Program. Microsoft provides all actively enrolled students in a class with Microsoft Office Professional Plus. This offering includes the complete, full-featured versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote, and OneDrive. Log in at once every 28 days to maintain an authenticated license.

Secure your computer

If your computer is compromised, you may be disconnected from the campus network. Be sure to:

  • Update your operating system with the latest security patches from Windows Update (Windows) or Software Update (Macintosh). Enable automatic updates to receive security patches as soon as they are released.
  • Update your software, especially your Web browser and Adobe Reader to the latest versions.
  • Install anti-virus software in order to use Regis’ network resources. Computers that are running the Windows operating system can use the free Windows Defender.
  • Apple Computers can use the free Sophos Anti-virus for Mac home Use program.

Uninstall peer-to-peer (P2P) software

Downloading copyrighted materials puts you at risk for hefty fines, University sanctions, civil lawsuits, even criminal charges. Please remove P2P programs from your computer (e.g. BitTorrent) and use legal alternatives to obtain music, books, or movies. Try iTunes, Amazon, or Pandora.

Explore WebAdvisor

Log on to WebAdvisor and look around! You will use the WebAdvisor Student Menu to view your schedule and grades, buy books, manage your University finances, change your password, and a lot more.

Set up your FERPA Privacy Waiver

Due to federally mandated Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA, regulations, parents and spouses do not automatically have rights to view a student’s record. A student must give those rights to the parents or spouse. Instructions can be found on Student Menu of WebAdvisor for granting parent or spouse rights to transcript and schedule information.

After the semester starts

Connect to the Internet

You will be allowed to log onto the network by connecting to the SSID labeled RegisNET-Internet-Access. For a faster Internet speed, plug your computer into a network jack. You will need an Ethernet cable, available from the Regis Bookstore. 

Locate a public computer

Choose from more than 180 general use computers dispersed among most buildings on campus loaded with all the software needed for most of your coursework. Two computer labs in Carroll Hall are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, as are the labs in the residence halls. You will be allowed to log onto the network by connecting to the SSID labeled RegisNET-Internet-Access. For a faster Internet speed, plug your computer into a network jack. You will need an Ethernet cable, available from the Regis Bookstore. 

 There are another 150 computers located in specialty labs on campus, which have particular equipment or software installed available to students in certain programs. 

Although the majority of computers provided for student use are Dell computers running Windows 7, two labs are equipped with dual-boot (can run either Windows or MacOS) iMacs. If you have a preference or a need to work on a Mac, these computers are available in one of the 24/7 labs in Carroll Hall. All public computers are checked frequently to verify they are in great working order.

Safeguard your computer and your files

  • Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date. Do a full scan of your computer monthly.
  • Keep your computer’s operating system up-to-date. Enable automatic updates.
  • Back up your files.Use the file space (H:\), Regis’ secure online storage system, USB drives and other portable storage devices. Always have more than one copy of any file that is important to you. Lots Of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe (LOCKSS).


Regis partner, the Copy, Print and Mail Center, manages all printing. A Cost Preview screen will display each time you print notifying you of the number of pages and cost. Students are allotted a fixed amount of free printing or copying every semester. They are able to use any computer lab to take advantage of this printing allowance.

Protect your privacy

Don’t post your address, birth date, class schedule or other personal information on Facebook or elsewhere on the Web. This information could be used to steal your identity and put your physical safety at risk. Never send sensitive information via email even if the message requesting it appears official. 

Regis University will never ask for your RegisNET username or password or other sensitive information via email. 

Sign up for Regis RU Alert 

Subscribe to Regis University’s RU Alert Emergency Notification system. RU Alert is a free service that provides emergency notifications about a campus emergency or closure. As a student you are automatically enrolled into RU Alert and will receive notifications through your Regis email account. If you want text or voice notifications on your phone you may subscribe by going to and login in with your Regis credentials and go to Settings to make your selection(s). Note: The ability to receive text messages and emails depends on your service plan. 

Explore Regis Today

Regis Today is our Regis University portal available to all students, faculty and staff. University announcements are posted via stories or updates. Explore Regis Learns!

Training Resources at Regis and

The Regis Technology Training Center offers training programs that increase the Regis University community’s understanding and use of technology. These programs provide, refresh, and promote core technology skills that enhance productivity and effectiveness at Regis University for faculty, staff and students.  The Center offers quick, hands-on learning workshops as well as online opportunities through Regis Learns, our enterprise online training platform accessed with your RegisNet credentials at  

The Technology Training Center is located in Carroll Hall room 23.  Upcoming trainings and course descriptions can be found on the Technology Training Center webpage at  Send any inquiries and registration requests to

Ranger Tech Services - Student Help Center

Ranger Tech Services (RTS) offers free technical support by students for students. RTS is an arm of the Information Technology Services Help Center. Ranger Techs provide full service desktop support. They can fix most problems from viruses and internet connectivity to slow run speeds. RTS also offers guidance with operating systems and troubleshooting system issues. 

Ranger Tech Services is located in Carroll Hall Room 1 in close proximity to the ITS Help Center in Room 9. We welcome walk-ins as well as scheduled appointments via the ITS Help Center at 303.458.4050.