Welcome to all Regis College parents

The staff of the Information Technology Services (ITS) department is pleased to welcome parents and students to Regis University!

This guide is designed to provide parents with information about our network services for students, parent web systems and our help resources. Be sure you are acquainted with our support information. ITS strives to provide the highest level of customer service to our users. We want to ensure our students are successful in their academic careers and that technology is a positive aspect of that career rather than a hindrance.

We also understand the need for parents to have timely access to important information and resources, so they may assist their sons and daughters in their educational journey. To this end, we provide parent access to our WebAdvisor system. Pay special attention to that section, as we hope you will take advantage of that service.

Thank you for your involvement as a Regis College parent and for taking the time to review this guide.

Who is ITS?

The Information Technology Services (ITS) department serves students, faculty and staff. We provide technological support while promoting the values that distinguish and demonstrate Regis' commitment to the Jesuit Catholic tradition. Following are some of the key services provided by ITS:

  • ITS Help Center acts as the first point of contact for reporting technical issues and submitting service requests to ITS.
  • Support, training and guidance in the use of technologies for teaching and learning, including classrooms, labs and online applications.
  • Design, development, enhancement, maintenance and support of software applications.
  • Client device support (including desktop, laptops, tablets and handhelds) for faculty and staff. Students are supported by Ranger Tech Services.
  • Voice and data communications services.
  • Server environments (including hardware, operating systems, database management systems and Web servers) and back office applications.
  • Information security assurance and compliance to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information owned by Regis University.

Support & Resources

The ITS Help Center is the first point of contact for requests to the Information Technology Services Department. It is responsible for providing technical support to students, faculty and staff. Service is provided via email, phone, remote control or walk-in.

The ITS Help Center is located in Carroll Hall, Room 9. Computer labs are provided for faculty, staff and student use. There are two computer labs in Carroll hall open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. The labs in the Residence Halls are available by key card 24 hours a day to students who reside in each building. Two computer labs are equipped with Apple iMacs. The Dayton Memorial Library offers lab computers on all floors any time the library is open. Lab computers are also located in the hallways of some classroom buildings. Students find these a convenient place to access electronic resources between classes.


The Copy, Print and Mail Center at Regis manages all printing. A cost preview screen will display each time you print notifying you of the number of pages and cost. Students are allotted a fixed amount of free printing or copying every semester. They are able to use any computer lab to print.

Communications via Regis email

Regis email accounts are the official means for communication within Regis University. The University sends correspondence exclusively through Regis-issued accounts regarding important matters including, but not limited to: financial aid, policy announcements, meeting and event notifications, student judicial correspondence and academic information.

Students, faculty and staff are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with University-related communications. The University requires that responses to inquiries made from external email addresses be directed to the inquirer's official Regis University email address..

Please remind your son or daughter to check Regis email regularly. Your student doesn't want to miss out on important information.

Computing Practice and Policy

Regis University technology resources are to be used to advance the University's mission of education, scholarship and service. Students are encouraged to use these resources for purposes related to their studies or research, their official business with or for the University, or other University-sanctioned activities. These resources include but are not limited to hardware (including telephones, computers and traditional media equipment) and software.

Unless approved in advance by a vice president or dean, use of University technology resources for commercial purposes is prohibited. All computer files, documents and software created or stored on the University's computer systems are subject to review and inspection at any time.

The University intends to place effort toward development of technology resources and not the policing of the use of those resources. Engaging in activity that violates or is prohibited by current student operational policies may result in loss of access privileges as well as appropriate disciplinary or corrective action.

If such activity also violates local/state/federal laws, perpetrators may be referred to appropriate law enforcement officials. Regis University is committed to upholding U.S. copyright law. As a higher education institution, we are an online service provider to students of the University. The University has taken steps to block activity we know to be illegal using education, policy-based and technology-based deterrents alongside swift action in response to any Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notification.

Student Record Access

WebAdvisor is the web interface that allows students, faculty and staff to access academic or employee information. It is also the location through which parents, with the permission of their student, can access student academic and/or financial information. Parental Access option allows students to give or revoke access to their parents or spouses to allow them to look at their student records through WebAdvisor.

Under federal mandated FERPA regulations, parents and spouses do not automatically have rights to view a student's records. A student must grant those rights to the parents or spouse.

The regis.edu FERPA website provides the Student Record Access Instructions and Student Record Access Video. Student Services is available to provide assistance.

System Requirements

Regis University's computing environment is Microsoft centric. However, many of our students do come to school with Apple computers and are quite happy with them. The important things to consider with any computer regardless of brand are:

  • Processor – A current generation AMD or Intel processor (AMD: Athlon or Phenom) (Intel: Core 2, Quad Core, i3, i5 or i7)
  • Memory – 4GB minimum for 32 bit operating systems, 8GB minimum for 64 bit operating systems
  • Hard Drive -- 250 GB hard drive
  • Operating System – A currently supported version (Apple OSX, Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10)
  • Confirm the notebook computer has a wireless adapter. Most laptops have one built-in. Confirm the desktop computer has an Ethernet card. Most modern desktop computers have one built-in.

Microsoft provides free services to all actively enrolled students with Microsoft Office Professional Plus. It includes the complete versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneDrive and OneNote.

ITS to Student Communication

Quick Updates: ITS posts updates announcing new services, closures, service interruptions and updates on outages on Regis Today under quick updates. Help Center Phone Greeting: Greeting will reflect news, outages and closures.

ITS Help Center Online: Contact information and announcements. Students must sign in through Regis Today where the ITS Help Center Online can be found under links.

Email: Personal email explaining new services or severe outages.

Ranger Tech Services

Students Helping Students

Ranger Tech Services (RTS) offers free technical support by students for students. It is an arm of the Information Technology Services Help Center. Ranger techs provide full service technical support.

They can fix most problems from viruses and Internet connectivity to computer performance issues. They also offer guidance with operating systems and troubleshooting system issues. Ranger Tech Services is located in Carroll Hall Room 1. They welcome walk-ins as well as scheduled appointments. This is a free service; encourage your student to take advantage of it.

Residential Network

Each residential room has access to the Internet. Regis provides both wired and wireless access.

We have found that almost all students connect with WiFi (the wireless network) rather than a cable connection. We support 802.11a/g/n connections on the "RegisNET-Internet-Access" network.

The wired network in each room is an alternative to using wireless. While not as convenient to use, the wired connection is reliable and fast. It is dedicated to individual use rather than shared use. As a basic security precaution, students must authenticate using their RegisNET username and password. All devices including phones will need to open a browser window to log in after connecting to the network.

Protect Yourself

Students should be on the lookout for fraudulent attempts to gain personal information through email. Regis University will never ask for your RegisNET username or password or other sensitive information via email.

If there is some reason to suspect a message of this type might be legitimate, contact the person or organization through independent means such as the telephone number listed in the directory. Never click on any link or reply directly to these messages.

The things that should alert you to the fact that these emails are not legitimate or at the very least suspect are:

  • The return address is not a regis.edu email address
  • A request for personal information
  • The email is not addressed to anyone specifically
  • The email is not coming from anyone at Regis University
  • Poor grammar and foreign spellings

Delete all such messages immediately.

You Are Ready!

We hope we have acquainted you with some of the technology your student will encounter during their time at Regis University.

Information technology is important in any education. It is our mission to address this need and we hope you will provide us your thoughts and feedback as to how we are doing.

You are customers of Information Technology Services, as well. We are happy to respond to your inquiries.

ITS Help Center

3333 Regis Blvd., Denver, CO 80221 | Carroll Hall Room 9
303.458.4050 | 800.388.2366 x4050 | Fax 303.964.5177
its@regis.edu | regis.edu/ITS

Hours of Operation:
Mon. – Fri.: 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Sat. and Sun.: 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.