Student Center at Regis University. 

A $10.8 million renovation of the Student Center is underway, making way for a modern facility that is welcoming, fun and meets the long-term needs of the campus community. The phased-project is expected to be fully completed by late 2020.


• A new Walker's Pub, pizza kitchen and espresso bar -- and a new fireplace -- are now open on the south side as construction continues on the new atrium, which will open to the commons. The bookstore is now located in Regis Square and offers books, Regis gear and tech supplies; you also can visit the FanZone in Clarke Hall for beverages, sandwiches and Regis apparel.

• A new atrium and reception area, more seating areas and a faculty lounge are in the plans for completion in early 2019.

• The largest phase of the project will begin in the summer of 2019 to renovate Main Café. Upgrades include a larger seating area and pay-as-you-go casual dining service model with a variety of cuisines offered at different stations.

• The project’s final phase focuses on upgrading the building façade and adding a fire pit and a plaza north of the front entrance. This phase is expected to be completed in the fall of 2020.


Walker's Pub kitchen

Walker's Pub pizza bar

Walker's Pub Pizza Bar

Walker's Pub seating

Walker's Pub at Regis University

Coffee bar seating

Walker's Pub

Commuter Lockers


What is the overall goal of this renovation?

Students, faculty and staff surveys established a clear goal: Create an open and inclusive environment. The updates will provide more seating areas and gathering places where people feel comfortable studying, grabbing coffee or a meal, or meeting with friends. Another critical initiative was moving the Office of Diversity and Inclusion into the building from the Coors Life Directions Center.

I’m a commuter student. What is happening to the current commuter student lounge?

It won’t close until the summer of 2019 when the Main Café gets renovated. The space it currently occupies will be converted into the diversity office and also three, major multipurpose lounges for all students to use. The renovations on the first floor also will incorporate the needs of commuter students. Amenities like lockers, a refrigerator and microwave will be available beginning this fall.

How will students benefit from the new retail model for Main Café?

Currently, when you visit Main Café, whether you’re just getting a salad, or having a four-course meal, it costs the same amount. The new model will provide students some great options with a wide variety of cuisines and still be of the high quality we’re used to with our food provider, Bon Appetit. Some of the food stations envisioned include a new salad bar, sushi station, grill, sandwich bar and beverage station. Best of all, you will pay for what you get. That’s fair to you and has the potential to lead to less food waste. It also helps build community — students can come together and share a meal without the restriction of having to pay to get in the door.

What’s happening with Walker’s Pub?

The pub is here to stay and so will the name. But a few exciting changes are planned. Pizza will be on the menu. The pub space will double its current location and eventually extend to the new plaza that will get added on in 2020. Just like the rest of the building, it will have expanded hours.

What happened to the Book and Bean?

The Book and Bean will re-open this fall in Claver Hall but under a new name (and now with ice cream). For now, you can get coffee at the Ranger Station FanZone in Clarke Hall (where you also can get Regis branded apparel and other goodies). The renovated Student Center will feature a coffee bar next to Walker’s Pub next year.

Where is the bookstore?

You can find it in Regis Square, the shopping center located east of the Ranger Dome. The Ranger Station Bookstore offers books, tech products, Regis gear and snacks.