Building Community in the First Year: O'Connell Hall at a Glance

Students outside of O'Connell Hall

O’Connell Hall is a three-story residence hall close to Main Hall, Claver Hall, the O’Sullivan Art Gallery, the Copy and Print Center and the University Mail Room. Residents enjoy the C.O.R.E. Living Learning Community, specifically created for students passionate about the outdoors. 

The hall is arranged around two lounges per floor, allowing students to participate in wing-specific programming where they can connect with fellow residents. Floor common areas are also ideal for study groups, practicing presentation, catching up with friends or playing a game of ping pong. 

This building is staffed by front desk staff throughout the day as well as Resident Assistants and Peer Ministers.

  • A three-story, non-smoking building populated by first-year students that is substance free
  • Co-ed by wing with common restrooms and showers located on each wing
  • Each room accommodates two students with two moveable armoires closets, desks, chairs, shelves, chest of drawers, and twin-XL beds which are adaptable as bunk beds
  • Room dimensions: 11'x15'
  • Microfridge provided in each room
  • Computer lab located on 3rd floor with a printer for student use
  • Ping Pong table
  •  24-hour study/class spaces
  • Heating and AC unit in each room
  • Free laundry facilities located on the ground floor, equipped with LaundryView web application (viewing of washer/dryer availability from your room)
  • A furnished lounge with cable TV

The O’Connell Hall staff includes six Resident Assistants, two Peer Ministers, several Desk Assistants, and a Senior Staff member. Additionally, there is one Residence Life Coordinator, a full-time professional staff member who lives and works in O’Connell.  The residence hall staff works together to promote educational, social, and cultural development of Regis students. All staff members are trained in referring residents to the appropriate resources on campus, proving to be a great resource for first-year residents.  The staff members also act as role models to promote campus involvement, resident hall community, and faith development.

Andrew Hieber, Resident Director

Rooms in O’Connell Hall are 11’ x 15’.  While furniture is originally set with desks, beds, chests of drawers, and moveable wardrobes located on resident’s respective sides of the room, many roommates choose to customize how their room looks by shifting the height of their beds and rearranging the furniture.  

To view an interactive map of an O’Connell Hall student room, click on one of the links below.