Student Disability Services & University Testing Mission

Student Disability Services & University Testing eliminates barriers to equal access to the college experience through: 

  • Providing timely and appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities 
  • Developing students with disabilities’ self-awareness and self-advocacy skills  
  • Informing students and faculty about their resources, rights & responsibilities; and  
  • Challenging attitudes that limit socio-cultural inclusion and respect with outreach to students, faculty and staff  

Meet Our Staff

Joie Williams Joie Williams
Phone: 303.458.4941

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Kimberly Reedy
Testing Coordinator
Phone: 303.458.3531

Chad Weber Chad Weber
Accommodations Coordinator
Phone: 303.964.5726

Stacy Yusim
Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 303.964.6881

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Melanie Loza
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 303.458.4941

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Cheryl Lammers-Sanft
Test Proctor
Phone: 303.458.4941