While working at Regis University you may encounter students with various types of disabilities. Students with learning, health, sensory, physical, psychological or temporary disabilities may be eligible to receive services through the Student Disability Services & University Testing (SDS/UT). Students who require disability-related academic accommodations must be registered with the SDS/UT before the faculty should support/give an accommodation. All accommodations work through the SDS/UT.  Students who do not know about our services can be referred to the SDS/UT by a faculty or staff member.

Please feel free to contact the SDS/UT office at 303.458.4941, or email us at disability@regis.edu if you have any questions or concerns regarding disability accommodations.  We are located in the Learning Commons Suite, Room 241 of David Clarke Hall.

Referring Students to Disability Services

  • Refer students when an accommodation has been requested but the student does not have an official accommodation letter from Student Disability Services & University Testing (SDS/UT).
  • Rather than accept documentation of disability directly from a student, refer them to (SDS/UT) to officially register and request accommodations.
  • If you are concerned about a student who is struggling, you can refer students to (SDS/UT). However, it is the students’ choice to follow-though with your recommendation.  

Request a Classroom Visit

Student Disability Services & University Testing will gladly visit classrooms upon request. During these visits, disability services staff can provide information about the process for applying for services and the types of services available to qualifying students. SDS/UT can also work with faculty to facilitate classroom workshops that address disability issues.  If you are interested in scheduling a classroom visit, please contact our department at disability@regis.edu or 303.458.4941.